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Matching/copying audio enhancements in browser

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Rikki Blow
Matching/copying audio enhancements in browser
on Feb 28, 2017 at 10:52:28 am

While working on some interviews recently, have come across an annoying limitation re 'audio enhancements'.

I've got several clips making up an interview with same person in same environment.
On the first clip, before adding to the timeline, I thought I'd tweak the EQ, add a touch of compression ("Loudness") and correct the 'Stereo' setting to 'Dual Mono' switching off the top mic so that I'm just hearing the lapel mic.

Having got the first clip to sound good, I'm looking to make the same adjustments to the following similar clips (within the browser, not the timeline), but there don't seem to be any copy/paste options available.

If I'd just put the raw clip on the timeline, and then adjusted all those things there, I'd obv be able to copy/paste attributes in the normal way (although there's a limitation with that, that I can't copy the Stereo/Dual Mono' adjustment).

I know I can put the first clip in the timeline, and then copy and paste its attributes to any following clips that I use, but this seems messy and inelegant, because the raw browser clips will still be untreated (except for the first one), so if I'm trying out different sections in the timeline, I could easily see myself missing a copy/paste somewhere along the way. This leaves me thinking I should just go back to editing with raw clips, sorting my rough edit out, and then start doing enhancements in the finer edit stage (much as I would with coloring etc), which begs the question what's the point of having audio enhancments in the browser?

Any thoughts, comments, workarounds, or guidance?

Seems like unless I allow FCPX to do automatic 'audio enhancements' to clips, the browser mode is not a helpful place to tweak EQ, compression, level, etc, as there's no way to copy to similar clips.

Am I missing something?

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Noah Kadner
Re: Matching/copying audio enhancements in browser
on Feb 28, 2017 at 4:17:00 pm

I would recommend not bothering eq and audio enhancement on event clips. That work is better done on a project timeline.


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Rikki Blow
Re: Matching/copying audio enhancements in browser
on Mar 8, 2017 at 12:21:06 pm

thanks. certainly seems to be the case.

i'd normally agree with you totally, but as these were straightforward IVs with no other sounds/music etc to be mixed in, but some editing to be done, it just seemed that if i could set up the eq and slight compression on the events, as well as select the correct audio channel (lapel rather than top mic), then i could go through and favourite all the sections i wanted to use, and chuck the favourites on the timeline. also if i then want to throw in some other bits to try, they're all ready too.

instead, i'm having to set up the first clip on the timeline the way i want it, and then copy/paste attributes every time i add another clip to the project.

it's only a small annoyance, but when you're trying to work fast, any little advantage helps, and if i could copy and paste attributes on the whole clips in the event browser, there's be, in certain circumstances, a few less key strokes.

no biggie, just wondered if i was missing a trick, but appears not.

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