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QUESTIONS after some weeks working with FCPX

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Robert Moix
QUESTIONS after some weeks working with FCPX
on Jan 9, 2017 at 12:53:34 pm


Comming from Vegas to FCPX and after working with it a few weeks, I have some questions, most of them workflow related.


Sometimes, while editing I get a freeze timeline and the main monitor shows a striped arrow top bar. What does it mean this bar?


I would like to know how other editors work because I think that I can always learn from other people. This is how I work in FCPX when editing a video from scratch:

1. I go through the footage in the brownser, select the good takes with IN-OUT and hit "F" Favourite
2. Once all the footage has been "favourited" I create a smart collection with the two following filters: (1) Favourites and (2) Not used in the timeline. So that I only get the favourite clips and once they are used on the timeline they disappear from the brownser so that I can concentrate on the clips that are left.
PROBLEMS: once a clip is dropped on the timeline, the smart collection is not updated immediatelly, you have to re-click in order to view the remaining clips. And, if I use a trimmed version of the "favourited" clip, the trimmed chunks appear again in the brownser and I have to "unmark" to get rid of them. Not a big deal but anyway.

What is your best workflow for trimming and organizing media?

Is there an easy way to trim the ends of a clip frame by frame with a keyboard shortcut? For instance, I would like to select the left edge of a clip and trim three frames. I know you can place the playhead and then hit "]" or "[" or the nudge thing. But not exactly what I need.


FCPX runs smoothly in almost every situation except when the audio izotope ozone plugin is applied to a clip. Then it slows down everything like the plugin is trying to update the waveform all the time. I always end up an edit applying some EQ & compression-limiting filters. This is annoying.

Is it possible to apply effects to roles?

Is it possible to have an audio rubberband across all the "track" or "role track" and adjust the volum by simply adding keyframes?


Is there a way to put a project inside a project? Let's imagine that I have a project with all my edit and then I have another project with the INTRO. I would like to make incorporate the INTRO project at the beggining of my working project. I know that there are compound clips, but wouldn't be easy just to work with a project inside a project?


When editing 120fps iphone 7 slowmotion footage I face a problem. The slowmo footage is imported as normal footage but I know it is slowmo because framerate says 120fps. But if I slow down the footage to 25% in a 30p timeline I get fluid video but the sound is awful. It has that metallic echo effect. On the other hand, the slowmo audio in the iphone sound way better. Is there any workaround to get clean slowmo audio in FCPX ?

Thanks a lot for your time!!

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