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How to speed up text colouring

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Rikki Blow
How to speed up text colouring
on Nov 20, 2016 at 5:24:15 pm

I've a question about changing the colours of various words of on-screen text.

I'm sure you've seen the sort of thing on facebook, where there's some big bold text, and three or four of the words are highlighted by being in a different colour. (These coloured words are separated by some basic text rather than contiguous).

I'm finding this an unnecessarily laborious process and wondering if I'm missing a shortcut method.

At present, I'm finding I have to select the word, then in the 'Face' section of Text, I click 'Show', then click on the 'color' box, then select the colour in the 'colors' pop-up.

This is fine, but then I select a second word later in the text that I want the same colour. The pop-up is still open, but if I choose a colour with it, nothing happens. Instead I have to go back to Face / Show then click on 'color' box before I can choose the colour again.

Is there a quicker way to 'refresh' or make active the 'Colors' pop-up menu when I select a new word?

I realise I could also save a custom attribute/format, but I don't always have a fixed style for these colour highlights - a lot depends on the video content, so I don't want to create a whole list of slightly varied user presets that I prob won't re-use very often.

Another method I've experimented with is copying and pasting, but if I highlight a pasted word of the right colour and replace it with new text, it reverts to the colour of the main text (rather than the pasted colour), so I end up having to paste after the second letter of the word and then going back and deleting that first letter - all a bit messy and not necessarily a time-saver compared to the slow method.

Maybe this has all improved on 10.3, but I'm still with 10.2.3 so any thoughts on that welcomed.

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Noah Kadner
Re: How to speed up text colouring
on Nov 20, 2016 at 9:41:34 pm

I would guess there's a plugin that does that already- I would search around for that.


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Eugeny Korkhin
Re: How to speed up text colouring
on Nov 24, 2016 at 6:53:22 am

When you select a new word within the same text clip, 'Colors' panel applies to the new selection. If you switch to adjusting another text clip you have to open 'Colors' again. But there is a way to avoid it if you use 'favourites' and drag them to the colour box. Have a look:

Hope that helps

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Rikki Blow
Re: How to speed up text colouring
on Nov 25, 2016 at 12:46:26 am

Thanks for the reply and the vid.

That's exactly how I'd hope it would work, but I've always found that, within the same text clip, I can select a word, click to show 'face', click on the color box to open the palette, and select my first color - exactly as in the vid.

BUT when I select the second word, moving the cursor around in the color palette does nothing. Instead, I have to click in the color box yet again with that second word selected, and only then I can use the palette. What's worse, is that if I double-click to select the second word, the FACE box closes, so I have to click on SHOW again first too.

I'm copying exactly what I'm seeing on your vid and I'm within the same text pane within the same text clip and it's just not happening that way. It's always bugged me.

That vid isn't on 10.3 is it? I'm still on 10.2.3 - is that the problem?

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