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Total confusion with FCPX file management.

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jack wren
Total confusion with FCPX file management.
on Aug 1, 2016 at 2:53:36 pm

Hello all

I know this question as been asked many times but I have been scouring the internet trying to get a definitive answer to my questions with no luck.

Here's what I want to do.

Over the next 9 moths I want to produce daily Vlogs and then at the end of that 9 months I want to be able to take sections from those Vlogs and turn it into a "best of" style short movie.

I want to store the footage and projects on an external desk top drive but still be able to edit on the go using a portable drive. how should I set up the library, events etc?

I can not get my head around the file organization in FCPX. For example, if I organize each days footage into events ei, day 1, day 2, day 3 etc at the end of the 9 months where then do I create the main final "best of" project? Creating projects inside the events makes no sense to me, surely it should be the other way around? Create a project and then fill it with media that has been organized into events?

at the moment, when ever I import media into FCPX I end up with hundreds of gigs of duplicated media in different folders for projects that are only a couple of minutes long. today I tried to delete some events and it told me it was going to delete the original media as well and I don't want to loose that. This whole file system is driving me nuts and I am desperate for help on this.

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Brian Seegmiller
Re: Total confusion with FCPX file management.
on Aug 1, 2016 at 6:45:22 pm

let's tackle your first question.

I would create a new project "Best Of" in the same library your other events are. I would next create a folder called "Best of Keywords" under the library. Browse your footage and create keywords for your best of footage and put them in the folder you created. Edit the footage from the keywords into the "Best of" project. Refine your edit and export. There is many different ways of doing this and others may have a better way.

There is a Smart Collection by default where you can find all your project with in the Events.

Create an event for each day of your Vlog.

Sounds like you are importing footage you have already imported. There is an option in the import window that will hide footage already imported.


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John Rofrano
Re: Total confusion with FCPX file management.
on Aug 1, 2016 at 6:52:46 pm

I like to work with two portable drives when working remote. One contains all of my Camera Card Archives and the other contains my Libraries.

After a shoot, I open FCP X, insert my camera cards one at a time and select them and press the Create Archive button. This archive is saved on one of my portable drives. Then when I'm ready to edit, I plug both my Camera Card Archive drive and my other portable Project Library drive and create a new Event and Project in a Library and import the data from whatever Camera Card Archive I am working with. I always have the FCP X Import setting Copy to Library enabled so that any files I import and contained within the Library. This ensures that I always have only two copies my footage: one on the Camera Archive Drive for safe keeping and one in my project Library drive.

Not everyone works like this. In some environments the footage is stored on an external shared SAN drive and editors will leave feels in place instead. This makes sharing easy but complicates things when trying to find media but I understand that sometimes the need to collaborate or the size of the files requires external storage. Luckily my projects are short and I edit alone.

In your case I would just make a new Event for the Best-Of compilation video and create your project in that event. This will keep the project separate from any other daily events in your Library.


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Brett Sherman
Re: Total confusion with FCPX file management.
on Aug 2, 2016 at 2:37:18 pm

I always recommend storing footage and cache outside the library file. There are many advantages to this method. Easier transportability of library files since they are very small, versioning library files with Time Machine backups. Ability to use the same media across different libraries without duplicating. More reliable backups of media. Ability for media to span multiple volumes. And it would solve many of the problems you are experiencing.

I think Apple largely regards the original "storing media inside the library" as a mistake. But it's a mistake that lives on. I think they think it's maybe slightly easier for non-pros to deal with. But it has so many downsides, like the issues you mentioned that any slight simplicity it offers, is not worth the problems it creates.

So I would start with that. Then if you do that you have multiple options. You can create a new library with "best of" if you want. A lot depends on how much media you have. I find really large libraries can make FCP X sluggish. So pulling clips into a new library may keep it from getting sluggish.

However, if that is not an issue. The easiest way would probably be to create a new "Best Of" event in the library containing all of your Vlogs. You would then place the Project within that event.

The other thing you might think about is rather than having a separate event for each day. Have an event for a week. Or if it's really a lot of footage. I would probably have a different library for each month rather than attempting to put it all in one library. And once you move the media outside the library it is real easy and fast to edit from library to library.

Brett Sherman
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