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Native (FCPx) log processing and external LUT loader

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Richard Jacana
Native (FCPx) log processing and external LUT loader
on Mar 15, 2016 at 6:34:53 am

Shooting with a GH4 V-log mode & 4k. Of course I now get better DR but viewing the footage in FCPx even to select what i want on the timeline is a pain ( of course every time I show someone what I shot jus shot in when in Log mode they complain about how terrible it looks - another thread) I just figure out if I apply the " Arri Log C processing" option to all my GH4 clips I can at least view them. The LUT is applied instantly.

But if I use something like FCPx LUT loader with the Panny Varicam Lut it takes forever to process. From Apple website:

Some cameras embed metadata in the media file that enables Final Cut Pro to turn on the appropriate log processing setting automatically. Many cameras do not embed this metadata, and sometimes the metadata may simply be lost if the material is transcoded. In any case, you can change this setting at any time.

So I assume the speed difference is because the GH4 footage done not have the embedded info in the video files. Is this a correct assumption? This would be something Panasonic has to add or apple needs to enable it?

(Even on a new MacBook Pro with Iris card (ok not the dedicated card) it seem to take the same amount of time as my little Mac mini)

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Jeremy Garchow
Re: Native (FCPx) log processing and external LUT loader
on Mar 16, 2016 at 4:28:24 pm

Take a look at LUT Utility (Or Color Finale) from Color Grading Central.

The performance is excellent, but admittedly, I have not tried it on a mac mini or integrated GPU.

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Jeff Kirkland
Re: Native (FCPx) log processing and external LUT loader
on Mar 16, 2016 at 5:15:40 pm

If you're asking does FCPX natively support the Panasonic LUT then the answer is no. The metadata is there to tell the app a LUT needs to be applied, but as far as I know, and I've never had a genuine Varicam clip to see if it behaves differently, FCPX doesn't have the appropriate LUT built in.

On the other hand, the Panasonic LUT isn't all that great and many people prefer using the Arri log c LUT with GH4 log footage anyway.

Even using FCPX on a Mac Mini with its low end graphics would be a challenge so it shouldn't be a surprise it slows to a crawl when you're applying a GPU based plugin to 4K media.

You might try the free mLUT plugin from MotionVFX. I find that to be faster than Color Finale if all I want to do is apply a LUT and some basic colour correction.

Jeff Kirkland | Video Producer | Southern Creative Media | Melbourne Australia | G+: | Twitter: @jeffkirkland

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