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Newbie with a few questions especially about setting up a project (Events, Library, etc...)

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Adam Berch
Newbie with a few questions especially about setting up a project (Events, Library, etc...)
on Aug 10, 2015 at 6:37:17 pm


After working with FCP X for a few days I have a few questions.

1) I import my media from a Canon DSLR Card as Pros Res 422 LT. Can I check my Timeline settings to make sure that's what the footage is? How do I know it imported as Pros Res 422 Lt?

2) If I have a clip that has both Video and Audio and I put my In and Out Points in, Is there a way to add that clip without the audio to the timeline?

3) Can I move the Inspector to my right screen? (I have Dual Monitors)

4) I want to make sure I am setting my project up the correct way. Here's how I have been doing it:

A) I make a folder on one of my external drives and name it (Let's just say I called it "My First Project."

B) I then open up FCP X

C) The first thing I do inside FCP X is File --- New Library --- I name it "First Proj" (This gives me my Project file named "First Proj"

D) I then change my storage locations Modify Settings -- Storage Locations---Modify Settings--- MEDIA--I change to my Folder called "My First Project" CACHE I change to my Folder called "My First Project. BACKUPS - I keep it where it is Final Cut Backups

E) I Hide all the projects so the only one showing is the one I am working on.

F) I then go to File --- New Project and Name it

G) I add my first event and Import Media in it. I Optimized for Pro Res 422 LT. I add a second event and add more media to it. Etc...

H) So when I go to my Original Folder on my External Hard Drive called "My First Project" I have 4 Items in it. 1) A folder entitled Final Cut Optimized Media 2) A folder entitled Final Cut Original Media 3) The Project file named "First Proj" and 4) a Cache File.

Is this the right way to handle my media and operate FCP X?

Thanks in Advance.

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Loren Risker
Re: Newbie with a few questions especially about setting up a project (Events, Library, etc...)
on Aug 10, 2015 at 11:04:19 pm

1) Select your project in the library, and open the inspector (command-4). Click modify settings and check your render settings.

2) When the Event is in focus you can use keyboard shortcuts: shift-1 = Video + Audio | shift-2 = Video Only | shift-3 = Audio Only.

3) The inspector stays on the main monitor. You can only move the viewer or the timeline to the other monitor.

4) Since you are moving all of your media and cache to the same hard drive as the library, in nearly the same location, why not just let FCPX move everything into the library? But yes, your way will work to keep everything contained on one drive, making it portable.

It seems like a lot of work to transcode to proresLT before you start your project. Personally I would prefer to import everything in its native format, let FCPX transcode to proxy, switch to proxy mode, then switch back to normal mode and let FCPX render out from the source media. The advantage is you can start working right away instead of waiting for everything to transcode. The proxies won't be available immediately, but once they finish churning in the background and you switch over you'll get a big performance boost.

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