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Re: Selecting all clips after click point.

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Mark Morache
Re: Selecting all clips after click point.
on Sep 18, 2011 at 5:37:50 am

[Craig Seeman] "Sure but why not allow for secondary storyline be a default behavior? I think some would like the option.


I think what Craig wants is the ability to assign edits to tracks, just like you can in FCP7. Just click the V1 on the source side and drag it to V2 on the right side to patch your new edits into the selected track.

But wait... there are no tracks! That won't work. It's against the paradigm.

I've tried putting audio as the primary storyline, then adding b-roll as a secondary storyline. It feels awkward to me. I really like using I and O on the timeline, and even if I have the secondary storyline selected, it still sets the region on the primary storyline.

After I set my points, I can hit the Q key to make a new connected clip, the hit P and drag the connected clip into the secondary storyline. #awkward

If I set my points THEN select the secondary storyline, my range disappears. The only way I can select a range in the secondary storyline is with the range tool and the mouse. #awkward

Perhaps there's a way we can keep the secondary storyline selected until we specifically unselect it, and all of our keys and edits will apply to the secondary storyline, like a second track.

(Perhaps there's also a way to keep the in and out-points we set until we unselect them.)

Overwrite and lift: I've been using the "overwrite to primary storyline" lately. After I place my narration and soundbites in the primary storyline, I select the entire length of the narration track with the X key, connect a clip the same length then select the connected clip and overwrite it to the primary storyline. It bumps the narration clip below the storyline, then the clip is now in the primary storyline, and I can use my keystrokes to replace bits and pieces of the primary storyline to go along with the narration.

There is nothing in FCP7 like the lift from and overwrite to the primary storyline functions. I could argue that they are trying to add these functions to the interface to make up for deficiencies, because the magnetic timeline is faulty, awkward, and no more practical than the tracked storyline unless you are dealing with the most simple of edits.

Trimming the ends: When I make large changes, trims, or re-arrangements in FCP7, I create a large gap, move the group of video and audio clips into the gap, then close up the gaps and "trim the ends" making sure that the sound and video clips on the non-primary channels overlap exactly the way I want. Likewise, to remove a large chunk requires closing the gap and trimming the ends to clean things up. FCX doesn't keep me from the necessity of trimming the ends. The re-editing can be complicated because I may need to reconnect clips I don't want to move to other clips before I make my edit. (And those little connection lines can be mighty hard to see.) It might make it a bit easier in X because of the non-collision, but most of us can deal with the complications because often editing can be a complicated thing.

I believe Apple could come up with a track based interface and still find a way to give us a virtually magnetic timeline. I think the ability to select a group of clips and "group" them together with a keystroke could give us the same advantage of the connected clips without forcing us into the stacks of storylines.

There is a way to perform ripple edits in FCP7. Perhaps if they made it a switch instead of a modifier key it would be easier for the new kids to understand it.

FCP7 has a superimpose function that puts the newly edited clip on a new track. I believe they could easily give FCP7 a non-collision workflow by having it automatically add audio tracks when there aren't enough tracks to hold the new clips. How about a modifier key that handles potential collisions by creating a cross fade between the clips like Sony Vegas?

I understand the magnetic timeline. I can edit in the magnetic timeline. I am not afraid of the magnetic timeline. I am not a big fan of the magnetic timeline.

Perhaps after the upgrade the magnetic timeline will allow us to edit at 768 miles per hour, and we'll all love it, and the rest of the NLEs will scamper to replicate it.

Meanwhile, I may have edited my last story in FCX until a significant upgrade. Parts of the editing process are much more fun, but other parts require me too many workarounds. For crying out loud, I'm still manually disabling clips and exporting my finished project 4 fimes and re-assembling the clips in FCP7 to create my split audio channels.

Oops, I ranted again.... sorry.

FCX. She tempts me, abuses me, beats me up, makes me feel worthless, then in the end she comes around, helps me get my work done, gives me hope and I can't stop thinking about her.

Mark Morache
Evening Magazine,Seattle, WA

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