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UnusualOut Of Sync Audio, and Frame rate related ...and Re Render Selection Question

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Neil Paisnel
UnusualOut Of Sync Audio, and Frame rate related ...and Re Render Selection Question
on May 7, 2015 at 6:26:09 am

This is the second time this has happened and last time I had to delete the entire sequence and start that section again.
I think I discovered what triggered this issue, but I'll leave that for now as it is an odd suggestion
Last night i thought I had finished, Exported the the Master File and created the DVD.

Sat down with a beer and had one Final Viewing on DVD on the TV screen.
There is one section , consisting of the first 6 minutes of a 12 minute original clip where the audio is out of sync with the mouth movements, by a lot, about 2 words out of sync.

Footage shot in 25fps,
Project at 25 fps.
All clips identical type from same camera
2hr 30 mins of project

So there is this 12 minute original clip, cut at six minutes, where camera was moved , 10 seconds cut out and it continues. No fade or transition between the two sections, just a straight R Selection and delete that bit.

Last couple of 'Dry run dvd creations" the audio was in sync for this clip.
The remaining 5 minutes or so of this clip the audio is in sync. On playback (timeline or DVD) you can see the audio snap back in to sync at the cut.

The ONLY audio enhancement to any of the clips is volume level adjustments
It is a stage show with only one stage mic, so audio levels are up/down and players not very good with voice control. Hundereds of up and downs level adjustments in the waveform, adjusting individual players volumes as they speak

There are no 'Effects" or other tracks either audio or video involved, just a straight simple clip n the timeline, cut at 6 minute point.

Audio NOT been detached from the clip, original audio from external mikes connected to the Camera (Canon 5D3)

If I play the original clip from the browser it is all good.

Now, here is what I suspect is doing it, strange though it seems. I think it is:
Audio Enhancements/Loudness (Compression / Amount/ Uniformity ) control. I tried that instead of the individual volume level control changes a day or so ago on this clip as I thought it might improve results as levels were still a bit up/down on playback. Cant confirm this though as this auto of sync issue..well it comes and goes ..can't reproduce it

Not this leads on to the Render Question.

is it possible to delete render files for only a Selection.
? I see you can delete all Render and created Proxy / Optimised files but can't find a way to delete a selection.

Also "Render Selection" seems to be randomly Greyed out.
I try to re render the selected clip, background tasks Icon shows a brief flicker, but shows zero action. I guess because it finds the selection already rendered so won't do it again?

I had this a few weeks ago, and the only solution was to rebuild the entire sequence which is in the middle of the 2:30, which with this damn magnetic timeline is a right pain, because it shuffles every thing along further down the sequence. Not so bad this time as I now have each sequence nested in a Compound clip, so i can rebuild the 'inners of the compound " without it shuffling things further along . But still a load of work I'd rather not have to do as they want the DVD for tonight for a Cast and Crew screening.

Any suggestions as to how to get this audio back in sync and how to delete render files for a selection and re render just that bit? That may be enough to get the audio correct again?

Sorry for any typos, need to get this posted to see if anyone can help

Oh 10.9.5 OSX
FCPX 10.1.4
Mac Pro 3,1 2008, 28 G RAM 2 Gb VRAM

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Neil Paisnel
Re: UnusualOut Of Sync Audio, and Frame rate related ...and Re Render Selection Question
on May 7, 2015 at 7:29:36 am
Last Edited By Neil Paisnel on May 7, 2015 at 8:00:59 am

I have just gone through and adjusted audio for the iffy clip and re exported as a Master file.

it plays perfectly in the timeline, but soon as exported as the project is exported as a Master file that very clip still has out of sync audio.

Here it gets weird.
I ceased a new project timeline and added just that Compound clip into it.
On first play in the timeline, the audio was out of sync.

Even before the render completes, swapping in to the other project and back to that new one..the audio comes back in sync

trying to export just the problem sub clip now sorry Compound clip in a New Untitled Project and the new export still has the same issue. the first clip is out of sync .

but only in the exported Master File. In the timeline it is correct.


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