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4 Camera Multi-cam Edit of Improved 1/2 pilot

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Daniel Elder
4 Camera Multi-cam Edit of Improved 1/2 pilot
on Jan 26, 2015 at 5:19:39 pm

Hi All,

I am currently embarking on editing a 1/2 sitcom pilot I directed and am editing, we set up each scene with a proper beginning, middle and end, but had the actors improv most of the dialogue. Some scenes ended up being tweaked on the fly, but for the most part, each scene had a set of blocking, lines spoken and action / gag. It was a lot of fun shooting this way and I definitely will do it again. The main issue is it was low budget, so I didn't have the main continuity team and note taking, so I'm now going through 4 cameras of video and starting the process of the multi-cam editing for this pilot.

I've been a long time doc editor and commercial editor / producer, but this is the first multi-cam project I've directed and will edit. Also, the first I've done on FCP X and I want to make sure I set everything up from the get go. So what I was planning to do is:

1. Import all the footage into my event, and then separate each of the scenes shot (There are 8 scenes in total) into its own project, so Scene 1 through Scene 8.
2. I know FCP X has its own audio sync, but I still prefer Plural Eyes, I feel it is more accurate with syncing multi-cam syncs. So I was planning to export each Project Scene into Plural Eyes to sync all the channels into a Multicam project file.
3. Bring each of the full multi-cam projects back to FCP X and then add a timecode sequence to each of them so I could export those out to a few of the producers to look over to help me make selects of full takes that I have or segments within the takes I can splice into takes to enhance the gag.
4. This is where it starts to get tricky for me and the fact that I'm relatively new to editing long form projects on FCP X. I will have all my projects, which I'll just be watching the master (A Cam) takes and I want to start bringing them into my assembly edit, so what I was thinking was to just cut the main takes I like the most and lay them out into an assembly edit. From there, take segments I like and add them into the primary storyline wherever they go into the storyline.
5. As for the storylines, I was going to have each scene be its own storyline so I can quickly adjust and move things within each scene as needed.
6. Then I would continue to do this until I had a good assembly edit and fine tune from there.
NOTE: I also want to plan ahead with my master timeline for the audio and sound going out to a pro tools mixer set up and want to make sure when I take my assembly edit and start adding to my Master timeline, then I have the project settings all correct.
7. Finally, I will start to bring everything into my master timeline to fine tune my edits, scenes, transitions, etc. Which I think should primarily be in one primary storyline to simplify the edit and the transitions.

Sorry for the long post, but I want to do this right the first time and make sure i'm not setting myself up for a world of wain when I get to my master timeline.

Any advice, thoughts, points, arguments, etc. you have here would be very helpful. I am importing the footage today, so let me know if you have anything you'd add to the mix.

Thanks in advance,

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Daniel Elder
Re: 4 Camera Multi-cam Edit of Improved 1/2 pilot
on Jan 27, 2015 at 3:45:03 am

To simplify my question, what is the best practice for editing long form content on FCP X?

Daniel Elder

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