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Modifying Project Settings 23.98p?

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Megan Walker
Modifying Project Settings 23.98p?
on Nov 26, 2014 at 11:11:21 am

Hello everyone,

We're currently re-editing and updating all of our projects because we're getting a new video player on our website. This involves updating projects and events that were edited before the last big FCX update in Dec last year (UK) it's a huge job and we've bumped into a few problems on the way - mostly we've been able to resolve them but this one is really doing my nut in and I can't figure out why.

Our videos were initially shot in 1080i with Surround Sound. We are modifying the settings for each individual project to 1080p Stereo with 25p frame rate - and this is where we are having trouble. Most of our projects are fine but for some reason (we don't know why) some projects have a 23.98 frame rate (?) and it will not let us modify to 25p. Initially I thought this was due to generators we've been using at the beginning and end of each project - the project settings were just going off that first custom generator. But here is where it becomes really puzzling...

I've been creating a brand new project with the right settings (1080p Stereo 25p) and then copying and pasting all off the clips into this new project (excluding generators) - fine, settings are right but for some reason when I copy and paste FCX is deciding to just cut off the last few minutes of each project. Which means I'm having to go back to the original project, find the bit it's cut from, then copy and paste the remainder of the project in, and even then sometimes it's still cutting the end off or not working.

We have a back-log of work and I'm really concerned that if FCX is just randomly deciding to not copy the last few clips then clips could have been dropped from anywhere within the project and some of our projects our 45minutes long - I simply do not have time to go back and check through each project to see if everything is there. But the timings are about right so it just seems like it's cutting off the end.

Has anyone else encountered this problem or have any idea why FCX won't let me c&p the whole project into a new one with these settings?

Also does anyone know why these projects would be set to a 23.98p frame rate in the first place? Or have another way or any other (preferably quicker) suggestions of how I can bypass this stage completely and modify theses settings without having to create new projects? I'm wasting so much time please help!



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Jeremy Garchow
Re: Modifying Project Settings 23.98p?
on Nov 26, 2014 at 8:10:51 pm

Do you still have access to a machine that had FCP 10.0 on it? If so, put a small video clip at the beginning of the timeline that is the proper frame rate, and then try and update to 10.1.

It may be the generator that's tricking the system. This would eliminate that variable.

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