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FCP X transfer library

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Carla Cherry
FCP X transfer library
on Oct 10, 2014 at 5:24:30 am


A FCPX project was prepped and handed off to me. I am learning X on this gig. The library was very small (MB). I copied it to move to my drive. I must have accidentally included the clips b/c the library file is now 88gigs. I've down a lot of work to the projects. The director wants a copy of the library to view my project files/work.

Q: How do I copy my work (88gig library file) and make it back down to MB size? Is that possible?

I individually copied the 12 project files to a new library (file/copy to library) however the library file is 4gigs. Is it possible to get it small again? I also have the old library file as well.


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Robin S. Kurz
Re: FCP X transfer library
on Oct 10, 2014 at 8:56:21 am

[Carla Cherry] "I copied it to move to my drive. I must have accidentally included the clips b/c the library file is now 88gigs."

I don't get it. How are you going to be able to work with the project WITHOUT the clips?? I also don't see how a file can suddenly blow up in size to that extent by simply COPYING it. Either the library had the files in it or it didn't. In which case it's obviously going to be the same size no matter where it is. There's no magical way the library is going to copy external files by itself by simply moving it.

Selecting the library and looking in the Library Properties tab in the Inspector will tell you exactly how much footage is related to it and where it is. You also want to watch the first three clips here to understand more of the details (even though they pertain to PRE 10.1.2, so before everything changed a little more, but the basic concept is the exact same):

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Mark Morache
Re: FCP X transfer library
on Oct 11, 2014 at 3:07:31 pm

Robin is right, you can select your library in your event browser and look in the inspector to see where your media is.

I'm guessing that when you copied it from the drive you got, you created a project that contains the media inside the library, hence the 88 gigs.

FCPX gives you ways to easily manage this media, and move it back out of your library.

In your library properties inspector window in FCPX, next to "Storage Locations" click Modify Settings.
In the window that pops up, for the Media, select "choose" and create a folder for your internalized media to move to. Do this for the Cache as well. Make sure you select a folder on the same drive as your library.

Hit "OK"

Now back in the Library Properties window, click "Consolidate".

This should move all of your media and cache files (renders and optimized media) into the folder(s) and reduce your library size so you can hand it back to your director, and they can open the project and reconnect your project to the original files on their hard drive.

Sharing projects isn't my workflow, so I don't do this, so someone shout out if I'm wrong.
But I did a quick test, and it worked exactly as it should.

If you're just trying to send a single timeline, wouldn't it be easier to just export an xml of the project timeline, and send that to your director to import into their project?

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Mark Morache
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