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Newbie with Time Line Question...

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John Bell
Newbie with Time Line Question...
on Sep 4, 2014 at 11:41:49 pm

I think the solution to my question lies with understanding the difference and purpose of Library, Project and Element... which I feel only a little confident....

However, I have a question about the time line.. I own and operate orphanages in rural China. Let's say I work on a eight to ten minute podcast for "Joe" with stills and short video and have a substantial and almost complete timeline...

Then I realize there is some data missing and I won't be able to finish until I get that data... so I start working on a podcast for "Mary".

Here is the question... How do I preserve Joe's timeline, clear the time line and start a new one for Mary and then when the data comes in I'm waiting on for Joe, switch back to Joe's timeline? Of course I don't want to lose either one.

So far, I have completely lost each timeline when I attempted to switch.

A newby that needs help... Please help?

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Robin S. Kurz
Re: Newbie with Time Line Question...
on Sep 5, 2014 at 11:11:23 am

You simply create a new project (timeline) for every edit! If you need the previous edits, you can either make a compound clip of it and use it in the other projects or simply copy/paste.

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Bret Williams
Re: Newbie with Time Line Question...
on Sep 5, 2014 at 6:48:19 pm

Sounds like the op doesn't even know where the timeline lives. Timelines (projects) are contained within events which are contained inside libraries. Open libraries reside at the upper left of your screen. If you've closed the library window, there's a little icon at the bottom left of the clips pane to re-open it.

The way you organize libraries is up to the user. Some use a library for each client. Some for each job. The same goes for events. If you're using a library for each client, you might have an event for each job. If you work in-house for a company, you might have a library for each year and an event for each job. Or you might still want a library for each job and simply organize them at the finder level.

In any case, FCP X gets more unwieldy the more media it has open. So if you jobs are large, you might be better off having a library for each job. But if you do a small weekly podcast where you're sharing elements from other podcasts, you might do a library for each month or year.

Usually, even though I have the same couple clients, I do a library for each job. My projects are generally unrelated, but sometimes I open a previous library to grab a clip or effect and copy it to the current one. Within a library I have one event for all media. In that event I have keyword collections to organize the media. A collection for audio, camera 1, camera 2, broll, soundbites about this, about that, sfx, music, etc. I also have an event called sequences where I keep all the projects for the job. (job name )v1, (job name)v2, and so on. On my hard drive I have a folder for the client where I keep all their libraries (jobs).

Good luck! You might want to breeze over to ripple training for some great tutorials.

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Craig Alan
Re: Newbie with Time Line Question...
on Sep 6, 2014 at 1:43:26 pm

fcp. x basic setting up a project

Google it. Lots of free basic tutorials;

Mac Pro, macbook pro, Imacs (i7); Canon 5D Mark III/70D, Panasonic AG-HPX170/AG-HPX250P, Canon HV40, Sony Z7U/VX2000/PD170; FCP 6 certified; FCP X write professionally for a variety of media; teach video production in L.A.

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