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Replace edit, in/out woes

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Jean-Fran├žois Robichaud
Replace edit, in/out woes
on May 5, 2014 at 10:35:27 pm

I have many FX shots in my timeline that I want to replace with newer versions. I wish there was a way to to this in a single operation like in After Effects (Drag new clip to timeline and Alt-Drop). None of the Replace options in FCP X allow me to do this directly: I need to set at least an in or out point on my new clip (for Replace from Start and Replace from End respectively). Since I can't copy the in-point from my old clip to the new, I must go through a tedious process for every FX clip:

- In the timeline, navigate to the beginning of the FX clip and hit "Shift-F" to select the clip in the browser.
- Make a mental note of the source clip's in-point timecode which now appears in the timecode display (at least in FCP 7 I could copy the TC from the timecode display)
- Click on the new FX clip in the browser
- Manually move the playhead to the timecode I remember from the old clip (in FCP 7 I could paste the timecode). This part drives me insane.
- Hit "I" to set the in-point on the new clip
- Hit "Option-R" to Replace from Start

That's a lot of keystrokes and mouse operations for such a simple operation. Since I need to do this multiple times for many FX shots, is there a way to speed the process? Anything I overlooked?

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Bret Williams
Re: Replace edit, in/out woes
on May 5, 2014 at 11:40:30 pm

I think you've got it pegged. If it doesn't have to be super precise, you can always just hit option r and then use the T tool to slip/slide. Usually the animation I put in the timeline starts with the first frame of the animation so it's not a big deal. It's pretty much the same process as option dragging in AE, except you don't get to keep the filters and keyframes. If you have filters and keyframes, usually I'll copy first, then replace, then paste attributes. It'd be nice if it was one step.

I'm doing a ton of this on a current project. But I simply rerender the new after effects QT over the old after effects QT. FCP X never knows the difference. In the AE render que I just choose "duplicate with file name" and accept the warning to replace the file. May or may not pertain to your situation of course.

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