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FCP Updates wish list from a one week edit

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Bret Williams
FCP Updates wish list from a one week edit
on Mar 30, 2014 at 4:03:37 pm

Seems like a slow weekend, so thought I'd post this...

A few weeks ago I decided to make a list of every want or need as I came across it during a one week edit. Since these are quick notes roughly categorized, I apologize if they don't completely make sense. I don't remember what I was talking about in a few of them. There are of course many other things I'd like to add or change, but the exercise was to only take note of what I needed on a fairly standard one week corporate edit. It was motion template heavy, but not color correction heavy or audio sweeting heavy. I'd post it but it was an internal piece.

I'm sure I could come up with a similarly long list in Premiere or Legacy. Without further ado-

FCP Update wish list from a one week edit:

Trimming/Sliding on client monitor
Trimming/Sliding 4 UP display
Trimming/Sliding same features in keyboard entry mode as mouse mode
Trim multiple layers at once
Dynamic Trimming

go back to keyword collection it came from
make it OBVIOUS which clip it is. Hard to see in thumb mode
Don’t constrain to in/out

Multiple Browser windows
“Thumbnail” as a column choice in list view

Add a list view to effects window
Favorites and or Project fx
FX saved with project somehow

Mask tracking and custom shape
on/off toggle on every board

Leave the blend modes and opacity at the TOP
(and for that matter, put them back in the timeline with a right click)
Copy/Paste/Drag filters and settings right in/from the inspector

Need start on edit, end on edit, center on edit options

Add back "paste content”

Let me marquee a group of secondary timelines
Select/Marquee select multiple trim/transition points (for adding transitions or trimming)

Should be shown on client monitor
Snap to grid/rulers

Basic X and Y rotation added to Z rotation
Drop Shadow FX heads up controls shouldn’t be shown if clip not selected - ditto with all fx

Better shift to lock X/Y
Proper ease controls
Nudge position in viewer with arrows (like option + arrows in legacy)

Tabbed Projects (sequences)
Turning off connections visibility should also compress vertical space
A mode where all clips are expanded all the time so you don’t have to expand each clip as it’s place in sequence
Clip height hot keys

Allow shift to be held to snap to vertical when option is being held to duplicate and clip is being dragged up or down

Double click into clip takes you to same frame from external sequence

Scrub bar/thumbs in window
Ability to drag from window
Ability to show a clip/frame from the sequence with all effects applied, for color correction reference or edit into separate sequence

Copy and Paste TC
Need a “counter” mode instead of just TC.

Caps lock to disable rendering/animation while moving things around

Playback offset adjustment to keep external monitor in sync

Sound should be routed to the output device. Shouldn’t have to select it in os prefs and share with os system sounds

Give me a keyframe bar/line to pull up/down volume in thumb/list view on audio to adjust in event - why not adjust/keyframe audio here?

Moves the sequence the wrong way vertically, but correctly horizontally WTF?

Show where detached audio is out of sync

Multiple scopes at once

Open in Motion for templates already put in timeline
Send to motion for sections of timeline

Should add the effect to titles, not the title to the effect (not holding my breath) IOW you make a text, then apply an animation to it like in motion or LiveType

Delete key should delete highlighted keyframes, not the clip

Show the background process window even when FCP X is just a background window

Have a “consolidate files” checkbox anytime you duplicate a library, or create a new library from a project

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Andy Neil
Re: FCP Updates wish list from a one week edit
on Mar 30, 2014 at 4:58:19 pm

Can really disagree with what you have here except for a few that I think are unnecessary and a couple I think are extremely unlikely due to how the GUI is designed. So, I'll add a couple that I'd like to see as well.

Proper playhead to playhead replace edit.

Multi-tiered matchframe. IE: Matchframe a multiclip and it takes you to the multi clip in the browser. Matchframe from there and it takes you to the original source clip used in the multi clip. Same with compounds.

Sort by Unused clips.

When you clear an IN/OUT from a clip in the browser, I'd like the playhead position to NOT be reset to the beginning of the clip. If I want to start from the beginning, I'll hit the HOME key.

Project scrubbing in the event browser.

Project to project editing. IE: project treated like a clip in the browser.

When a clip is selected (C) and you blade that clip, the clip to the RIGHT of the playhead should remain selected, not the LEFT. I don't know what they were thinking with that.

Ability to put overlapping connected clips into a secondary storyline.


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Bret Williams
Re: FCP Updates wish list from a one week edit
on Mar 30, 2014 at 5:20:36 pm

All excellent adds. My list was just an exercise in what came to mind as I came across them over a week. Certainly a few are unlikely, and had it been a multicam project the list would've been different.

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Andy Neil
Re: FCP Updates wish list from a one week edit
on Mar 30, 2014 at 5:39:37 pm

Regarding your "apply effect" to text request. That's one of those that I doubt will ever happen due to how Motion and FCPX interact with one another. However, you can customize some animation by using the basic title. And personally, I built a title effect in Motion that contains a drop down menu of my most used text animations so I can apply a single text element and animate it a number of ways. Might be an adequate solution.


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David Powell
Re: FCP Updates wish list from a one week edit
on Mar 30, 2014 at 7:33:06 pm

Playhead resetting at the head of the clip is one of the most annoying behaviors in the software!

Matchframe to orignal clip from multi clip. Allow CC grouping of multi clips. Allow Optical flow and stabilization of multi-clips!

A real extend edit that doesn't require clicking on the edit point first. Premiere stole it from Avid. Please do the same Apple! Select nearest edit trim.

Media Management:
Used media only consolidation.
External Render, proxy, and trascoded files from the library.

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John Fishback
Re: FCP Updates wish list from a one week edit
on Mar 30, 2014 at 9:13:03 pm

Good thoughts all. If you're not aware of them, CoreMelt's SliceX and TrackX (both powered by Mocha) are tremendous tools and not too expensive. They each paid for themselves the first time I used them.


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Bret Williams
Re: FCP Updates wish list from a one week edit
on Mar 30, 2014 at 10:43:41 pm

That's one of those I wasn't sure what I had meant. But I think you got it. And yeah, not holding my breath.

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