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Glitch when putting title cards into compound clips

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Dennis Widmyer
Glitch when putting title cards into compound clips
on Nov 15, 2013 at 10:24:28 pm

I notice an annoying 'glitch' when putting a group of titlecards into a compound clip. Basically, in FCX, if I'm creating a title sequence, and have about 12 title cards (say, for cast members), each with front and back dissolve on them (on Video 2), and I want to drag over them all to nudge or move them left or right... I can't. I can only move them one at a time. Therefore, it makes sense to turn them all into one big compound clip, that I can move in one shot.

However, when you do this, it then puts a few frames of black over the start of the first credit. So I"ll be watching my opening sequence, and when the first credit appears, the screen goes black under it. Then comes back a moment later.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a glitch? Or something I can fix?

Thank you.

Dennis Widmyer

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Bill Davis
Re: Glitch when putting title cards into compound clips
on Nov 15, 2013 at 10:57:51 pm

You've lost me.

I can't figure out what Video 2 is.

I can't figure out why you're using a compound clip.

If you have connected clips that are titles - the timing of their appearance relative to the Primary is a clip specific thing. The connection point determines WHEN the clip shows up. Vertical magnetism in X makes that a fixed thing. Of course you have to adjust attached clips individually - that's the entire point of the vertical magnetism.

Compounding, on the other hand - is NOT a simple grouping process. It both groups and reflects the contents back to the Event Browser. IF I understand what you're trying to do - you should be designing your title graphic as a SINGLE compound clip. Then bringing THAT back to the X storyline - and electing to disconnect it from the parent relationship (in Menu: Reference new parent clip) whereupon you can change the contents and treat it as a unique clip.

I'm lost as to your present workflow. So perhaps I don't understand this at all. But those are some basics you might consider.

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Charlie Austin
Re: Glitch when putting title cards into compound clips
on Nov 15, 2013 at 11:07:15 pm

[Dennis Widmyer] "Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a glitch? Or something I can fix?"

I've found that some effects (transitions) applied to clips inside CC's can do unexpected things at times as well.

Instead of making them a CC, maybe try putting them all in a secondary storyline, and apply your dissolves there. If they're all in one secondary you can move them all at once without CMD clicking all 12 containers. Also, if you want to keep 'em in aCC, you could try removing the dissolve on the first card in the CC, and put a dissolve on the CC itself.


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Bret Williams
Re: Glitch when putting title cards into compound clips
on Nov 16, 2013 at 3:25:00 am

So, sounds like you have a lot of title cards stacked up or lined up. They all have a fade in/out so they're all probably secondaries. I'd just cmd+click them all and move them as a group. You have to cmd+click the secondary container around them. Seems like a bug to me that when you marquee select them it selects the internals. Seems like if you marquee around the entire secondary, it should select the container, and if you marquee only around a portion, it should select just the portion(s).

If none of the title cards overlap, you should put them all in the same secondary and move them as a group.

Or if they're stacked, and/or If they all happen to be connected to the same clip, you could nudge them all at once with a workaround. Slide the clip they're connected to (t tool, then grab middle of clip they're connected to) the number of frames or amount you want. Then press tilde and slide it back. With tilde held down, the connected clips stay in place.

For just 12 clips I wouldn't compound them.

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