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Bug with Rejecting Portion of Clips

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Jean-François Robichaud
Bug with Rejecting Portion of Clips
on Mar 9, 2013 at 7:05:25 pm

I have encountered a very annoying bug when using the Rejected rating in the centre of a clip. To be clear, I tagged as Rejected a portion in the middle of a clip (RRRR):


When in "Hide Rejected Mode", the non-rejected portions of the clip appear as two separate sub-clips in the Event Browser:


So far so good. But if I select the second sub-clip (BBBB) and click in the film strip above, FCPX changes my selection to the first sub-clip (AAAA). This makes it impossible to set the skimmer position with the mouse in the BBBB sub-clip. I can still navigate through the BBBB sub-clip by using keyboard commands, but if I attempt to set an In or Out point (even by using the I/O shortcuts), FCP X jumps back to the other sub-clip. This forces me to change the mode to "All Clips" whenever I want to work with a subclip which is not the first one of many.

Am I the only one encountering this issue? Is there a workaround?

I am editing a documentary with a lot of very long takes so it is very helpful to mark portions of clips with the Rejected rating.

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Mark Morache
Re: Bug with Rejecting Portion of Clips
on Mar 9, 2013 at 8:29:19 pm

I have not encountered this. Rejecting portions of clips is something I regularly do and it works fine.

But I have two thoughts...

I still get the issue where I am trying to skim the timeline and can't get it to stop skimming the clip in the event browser. I've gotten in the habit of pressing cmd-1 and cmd-2 when this happens (go to event - go to timeline) and it straightens things out. I wonder if this is something similar. I'd try restarting, deleting preferences. Does this happen with every clip you reject the center of?

My other thought is more of a workaround. Do you use favorites? You could favorite the second clip, or give it a secondary keyword to make the first clip segment in your event browser disappear.

Good luck.

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Mark Morache
Evening Magazine,Seattle, WA

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Charlie Austin
Re: Bug with Rejecting Portion of Clips
on Mar 9, 2013 at 10:54:41 pm

[Jean-François Robichaud] "Am I the only one encountering this issue? Is there a workaround?"

It's a bug. Something broke in 10.0.6 when they introduced persistent I/O points. It works as expected in filmstrip view, but attempting to do anything with favorites in list view now instantly changes focus to the clip at the top of the list. Workaround is to use filmstrip view. Looking forward to a fix myself.


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