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Don Smith
Something New...
on Feb 14, 2013 at 7:23:52 pm

My wife records interviews using Skype and a recorder software that seems to be part of Skype (Skype Recorder? She wasn't clear on it).

She gets a single file. Her place of work uses Premiere because the graphics lead says FCPX is "iMovie Pro".

Funny thing, though, you can't open this file to reveal its two video tracks and two audio tracks in a way that it can be edited using Premiere Pro. She's forced to export each of the four files separately and they drift out of sync when gathered back together.

I asked her to bring a sample file home just to see what FCPX would do.

To my intense pleasure, the file opened easily in FCPX and all four tracks were there and were editible directly. Oh yes, they also played in sync.

Well, Give a Mouse a Cookie set in and I wanted to go even further and make the four tracks into a Multicam track so it would easiest for my wife to edit out sections and switch angles. It would be a dream if it could happen but I could find no way for tracks not listed in the Event Browser to be Multicam'ed.

Any ideas or is it just not possible? After trying every trick I could think of it doesn't seem possible. Now now anyway.

Don Smith

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Loren Risker
Re: Something New...
on Feb 14, 2013 at 10:48:38 pm

Could you put each audio track in it's own compound clip, then multicam the compound clips?

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T. Payton
Re: Something New...
on Feb 15, 2013 at 12:40:24 am

Try this, I just tested it and it works great.

1. Select single clip and create multicam clip.
2. Open in angle editor and make sure that the audio for the clip in the first angle is set to 4 mono. Label the audio components.
3. Label first angle, and in the info channel configuration enable your first channel.
3. Click on angle menu and choose add track
4. Option drag a new copy of the clip to the new angle. Label Angle. Change channel config to second channel.
5. Repeat adding for all channels of audio.

You are duplicating the video angles, but not really since it is just a reference to a parent clip. Now when creating your multicam edit just choose to switch audio angels and enjoy.

T. Payton
OneCreative, Albuquerque

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David Eaks
Re: Something New...
on Feb 21, 2013 at 1:24:31 pm

How does FCPX treat the file? A single file, when opened in its own timeline are there two tracks of video and two audio?

If so, I was thinking you could

-duplicate the clip twice and name each "angle 1" and "angle 2" or whatever
-open angle 1 in timeline and disable/delete the unwanted A/V tracks
-repeat the previous step for angle 2 as appropriate
-create multicam clip based on start of clip (instant sync, since it doesn't really have to do any syncing)
-edit multicam clip
-have wife bring laptop with finished edit to work

However you do it, I'd be interested in hearing more about how it works out. Even seeing a short screen capture of working with the file.

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