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Batch export independent shots

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Matias Canelson
Batch export independent shots
on Jul 4, 2013 at 2:16:01 pm

New user here, I loaded 50 shots in a construct and I want to export them as independent shots out from Scratch. So, I have 50 original shots, and I want to export 50 graded shots so I can relink the new media with in FCP7. The only way I know is to click on a shot, press F6, grade, set up the export, export range and jump to the next shot until I get the 50 shots exported. Is there any way to export them automatically? I asked two Scratch users and they dodn't know.



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Matthias Aderhold
Re: Batch export independent shots
on Jul 4, 2013 at 3:22:28 pm

Yes, pretty simple.
Go to the filenaming-specification of your output-node (select Output from the CONstruct-view).
Here you can fill in tokens, of what your rendered filename will consist.
By default, it's #name, which is the CONstruct's name.
So with this token, Scratch will render out one sequence with the name of the Output-node.

If you insert a token, like "source-filename" (#sname),
which differs from shot to shot, Scratch will automatically render
seperate files, or better, start a new file each time it needs to
output another filename (because, source-filename differs with each clip).
You can easily selsect the different tokens from the dropdown-menu^^.
You can also chain different tokens together and seperate them through
underscores - e.g.: #name_#sname_#framerate .
Or you can fill in slashes, like:

This will create a folder with the name of the output (#name) and place
the rendered files with their filenames consisting of
source-filename and framerate (#sname and #framerate) in it.
After you've done

Hope this helps,

PS.: If you're rendering an image-sequence, you also need a
frame-seperating token like frame-number - otherwise, Scratch won't render.
Also, if you want to render out MXF, or Quicktime-files,
select the output-node, go into Player ==> process ==> FX Ctrls ==> Insert and insert either the Avid MXF Plugin, or the Quicktime Plugin.
Then step back to the output-view and do the filenaming.
You can also save a created filename-specification and the whole output-tree as well.

I suggest, watching this little tutorial:

This covers it pretty well.

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Matias Canelson
Re: Batch export independent shots
on Jul 4, 2013 at 11:23:25 pm

Thank you so much! I can't believe I just had to add a "s" before the name and done! :D


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Matthias Aderhold
Re: Batch export independent shots
on Jul 5, 2013 at 7:28:59 am

No problem^^.

Keep in mind, if you have one source-clip, appearing multiple times
in your CONstruct, using #sname only will overwrite the same clip multiple times.

E.g. you have the first two minutes of in slot 1,
and the last two minutes in e.g. slot 4.
Now if you render just using #sname,
it will render the first slot to let's say ABC.MXF.
As soon, as the render reaches slot 4, the source-filename is identical to the one in slot 1,
and so will overwrite the previous written ABC.MXF with a new ABC.MXF
(this time containing the images of slot 4).

Therefore you'll have to fill in another (additional) token, like slotnumber,
to have something in the filename, which differentiates both clips^^.


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