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PE 4.1.4 Not doing what I thought it would

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Lance Jacobs
PE 4.1.4 Not doing what I thought it would
on Jan 12, 2018 at 1:02:08 am
Last Edited By Lance Jacobs on Jan 24, 2018 at 5:36:43 pm

Hi - I'm wondering if my post is lacking in some way - not enough info - TOO much info? But I am surprised that no one has responded at all. I'd still like to find out if it's me, or the product that is not working properly. Hence, this BUMP!

Hi and thanks for reading my description. I'm a non-pro, doing the best I can but struggling.

My intention is to use PluralEyes to create 3 drift-corrected audio files that I can then place in an audio editor for mix down. I am not using Premiere or FCP. I'm having trouble eliminating drift and getting the audio to line up in SoundTrack Pro. I need the 3 audio files corrected, but unmixed so I can work with the separate sources for a final audio mix.

I've got media from a Chamber Music recital. I used 3 different model Zoom digital recorders - all set to 48Khz, 24 bit. (H4n, H5, Q2) - (got friends and family to bring their devices!)

I shot video from one camera; Sony A77ii. 29.97 fps, recording audio at 48Khz with Rhodes shotgun mike.

The Zoom recorders ran non-stop during the concert. But the Video Camera stopped for each movement of the performance. (stupid video length limit) So I have one long audio file from each Zoom device (45 min or so), and shorter video clips for each movement, each 7 to 10 minutes or so, 7 video start stops in all.

All the waveforms are strong and healthy including the audio from the camera; Good levels, no clipping, little silence.

My process has been to place the video from one movement (7 to 10 min) in PluralEyes, put the long audio from ONE Zoom file on the timeline, synch, and Export Audio. I did this repeatedly for the audio from each of the 3 Zooms against the same short video.

When placing the 3 Zoom recordings on a timeline with the audio from the Camera, all 3 audio clips are a frame or two late to start. Also, the overall length of the clips is slightly shorter than the video. Take a look at these 2 screenshots:

I had hoped that by doing this process for each of the audio files against the same video clip, I would end up with 3 drift-corrected audio files that would be the exactly length of my video.

What I'm getting however is audio that has pronounced drift. They don't even start in synch when they're firmly bumped up against the left edge of the the timeline. I find myself back to the old horror of visually lining up waveforms only to have them become slowly out of alignment over time.

What's wrong with this plan and what would be a better way to go?

I'm more than happy to share a link to the zipped collection of files, but I'm new to this forum, and will wait until someone expresses interest in downloading it (>2GB!)

Talk soon and thanks!
Lance Jacobs

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