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PluralEyes to FCPX DTD validation failed.

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Rowena Megan
PluralEyes to FCPX DTD validation failed.
on Oct 12, 2017 at 5:52:51 am
Last Edited By Rowena Megan on Oct 12, 2017 at 6:24:07 am

Hello filmmaker world!

Help please!! I just bought PluralEyes and am struggling....
I am getting this message when trying to export an XML from PluralEyes to FCPX:

The XML document sent from application "PluralEyes 4" could not be imported.
DTD validation failed. (Element asset-clip content does not follow the DTD, expecting (note? , (conform-rate? , timeMap?) , ((adjust-crop? , adjust-corners? , adjust-conform? , adjust-transform? , adjust-blend? , adjust-stabilization? , adjust-rollingShutter?) , adjust-volume? , adjust-panner?) , (audio | video | clip | title | mc-clip | ref-clip | sync-clip | asset-clip | audition | spine)* , (marker | chapter-marker | rating | keyword | analysis-marker)* , audio-channel-source* , (filter-video | filter-video-mask)* ,...)

Someone said I should duplicate the XML but I can't even find it, as it sends it directly to FCPX!
Where does PluralEyes store them so that I can try your trick? Does that mean I have to do this every single time I export from PluralEyes or is there a way to make PluralEyes and FCPX work better together??

Any ideas??

Thank you!

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