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David Mathis
Feature Requests
on Feb 23, 2016 at 9:15:03 pm

I do love working with Final Cut Pro but there are things that get under my skin a little. Keyframing is at the top of the list. I want to have options for bezier and constant keyframes. Linear only is not an option. Please fix this Apple!

Next would be compound clips. Yes, they are useful but I want the option of decomposing them in place like in Avid or Resolve. From there I want to make any necessary changes then collapse back in place. I do realize I can break apart clip items but that means making a new compound clip. Yes, there is even an option for me to decompose a compound clip in its own special timeline but I want to see what is going around on either side once the clips were broken apart without having to create a new compound clip every single time.
On the other hand, having multiple compound clips means I can take one out and replace it with another. Perhaps this is the reason behind the X way of doing things.

I am sure others have their requests and look forward to the thoughts of others here!

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Mark Suszko
Re: Feature Requests
on Feb 23, 2016 at 9:42:43 pm

Simple broadcast-legal closed captioning for files and for DVD burns.

If your video is closed-captioned, that means every word in it is searchable online. That's going to be incredibly valuable.

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Mathieu Ghekiere
Re: Feature Requests
on Feb 24, 2016 at 9:42:39 am

This is the list I've been making. Not in a particular order, and sometimes I send it to Apple :-)

- Remove Attributes button

- A kind of batch export

- If you export for instance, 3 timelines in the background, you only see the first file by name.
The one below, awaiting, just say: 'Master File'. Why can't you say the name of the project or timeline? So you can get a quick idea of what you are already exporting and if you forgot anything.
If it's the same timeline you are exporting multiple times, with changes, let's have it say the name of the sequence with the date and exact time of the export?

- If you click Expand All in the menu for expanding video and audio, that it expands every clip in the timeline, INCLUDING the ones you put in the timeline AFTER you pushed the Expand All option. It reduces the amound of clicking. If you want to edit with an expanded view of audio seperately, you click expand all, and edit the way you want. If you put new clips in the timeline, you don't have to press again and again in the menu. The same goes for Components. Could be nice to just have it as a viewing mode.

- More RAW controls from REDCINE in the R3D Hud, including (big one) the eyedropper tool to very quickly and automatically set white balance.

- Have a simple white balance tool in your standard color tools, like the one from RED. Let it be a tool you can switch on or off.

- A timecode HUD with much more timecode options. Seeing in one view the timecodes of everything in the timeline (like the old timecode overlay in FCP7), optional of course. Being able to COPY and PASTE a timecode from a clip instead of manually having to feed it always, like you could in FCP 7. You could just copy the timecode from the viewer of canvas.

- A well made timecode reader/generator effect, not only a generator. (have both). Like the old one: read timecode, generate one, custom, ... Now, we have to work trough compound clips with timecode generators above, which seems unnecessary. To be able to read source timecode.

- More options from Color, including but not limited to color wheels. Tracker. Sharpening, denoising,... Maybe have a seperate Color Room? (same with Audio?)

- If you click to have Proxy Media Playback, put a warning side if media hasn't been converted to Proxy yet, but don't have it be offline completely. It sometimes doesn't make sense to transcode EVERYTHING in your timeline to Proxy Media. Only being able to transcode a portion of it, and just see a small subtle warning sign in the rest without hindering your ability to work with it, would be much better!

- In the preferences, have playback for Optimized Media or Original Media be 2 seperate options? Or just some more flexibility.

- 'Break Apart Compound Clip' back in the contextual right-mouse click menu.

- At Audio Enchancements, at the background Noise Removal option, have a small button to set the noise print, as you could with Soundtrack Pro. I don't know if the technology now in FCP X is the same as in Soundtrack Pro, but I'm getting much worse results (frankly, I never get good ones, and thus never use it) when using the remove background noise option in FCP X. Maybe having the option to manually set the noise print, will get better results back?

- An audio mixer! Maybe have some seperate Audio Mixing 'room', like you could have with Color Correction. FCP X seems to have great technologies under the hood (some of Color, some of Logic, some of Soundtrack Pro, some of Cinema Tools), but just have the tools deeper would really make it a super-NLE. Not needing to round-trip, but still being able to do so much in an NLE that can seem so simple, but yet can get very deep, is VERY appealing, and would get many people to switch to Macs and FCP X. Look at Color... Yes, you could say Resolve is better, but not needing to round trip, and being able to do very good corrections in the same program where you do the finishing, compositing, editing, ... is really tempting. If you don't want to use it, you don't need to. But I miss Color, and in the same way I think much more of Soundtrack Pro needs to return to FCP X.
Maybe audio mix trough color coded roles or so?
So you can change the chronology of Roles in the Timeline Index, and the Timeline shifts all those Roles together. So if you decide you want all your Sound FX under your video, and then all your Music, you do it in the Timeline Index with a drag-move, and the timeline groups them and moves them together? Marcus Moore wrote a great blogpost about some options:

- Being able to give Color Corrections names, instead of just the automated numbers.

- Have a quick way of putting audio back to a clip after detaching it. (and if they are out of sync, maybe have a dialogue box or something to choose if you want to keep it out of sync, or put it back to it's default?) And/or better/easier solutions for working with a recording where for instance, all audio is 4 frames out of sync.

- Have the Background Render option be REALLY background. So for instance, when you are working, it keeps rendering, but like with one core or something. So it's low taxing on the system, but you can really keep working.

- Please make it possible to have your transform, and crop tools in the inspector change in stacking order together with effects. Being able for instance, to put a crop ABOVE or BELOW a 3rd party effect for instance. Now there are many work-around necessary (compounding) to do this. (and some things are just impossible)

- The background Dashboard hud dissapears when going into another application. Not that handy.

- This feature could maybe be a work-around for the dashboard dissapearing, although it would be nice to have both: In the Share Monitor program, have a look at what you are exporting in every program (FCPX, Motion 5, Compressor 4). They all share the same engine. Having the Share Monitor open and being able to see what you are exporting in FCP X next to your regular Compressor Batch would be great. Having a seperate tab or something like that.

- When making a new compound clip, being able to immediately say which keyword it needs to have. Now, if you need to make a lot of them, and you are making compound clips from clips in a keyword-collection (which we do, to have a timecode generator on them, because we miss having a timecode hud), you always get thrown back into your Event, instead of staying within that keyword collection, and then you have to manually search the compound clip and assign a keyword to the compound clip again.

- In an Event, in your viewing options, you can choose to display: "no rating or keyword selections". I like that option, but it would be extra nice if you have an extra viewing option with separate: "no rating" "no keyword", next to the excisting option of both.

- Being able to have a Proxy with Alpha channel (have the software detect that automatically? Make Prores 4444 in those cases?)

- Being able to adjust values of Loudness parameter in Audio Enchancements with numeric values. Now you have numeric values for the Loudness sliders (Amound & Uniformity) but you cannot adjust the numbers directly, you have to use the sliders.

- In the transform Tools, have full Rotation controls. So for instance, only with the Y axis for instance.

- The last view of your viewing modes of your clips in the timeline is very small, which makes it very handy if you are working with many layers and don't need to see thumbnails. It would be great to have fade handles for audio in that viewing mode. And maybe also have an expanded audio components view in that mode, but I would consider that less important.

- Having Snapping also work with for instance, doing retiming (with Hold Frames) on multiple secondary storylines above each other.

- This is more for motion, but: In Motion5, in the Browser, also have column view like you have in the Finder. It makes navigating trough your files much easier.

- If you have for instance 4 layers of video, with each of them having 4 clips next to each other… Once you make a couple of clips in a layer of video into a secondary storyline there is a minimal height difference. This becomes annoying when working with multiple layers of video, and you want to check and go from one of them to the other. (for instance, by putting transitions between them).

- At this point it seems impossible if you use Match EQ, to apply the match with the same clip, but just an other audio component. If I have one clip with 2 tracks of audio components, and I want to match channel 1 with channel 2, I cannot do so. I need to copy the clip, and make sure it's physically another clip on the timeline. This seems a lot of unnecessary steps and gets in the way of what the whole Audio Component feature is about.

- Being able to drop a complete folder in Compressor. And make Smart Folders or Quees. Compressor has Job Actions now, but it would be great if you could tell it to use every movie that arrives in a folder (including things you are currently rendering out in FCPX, but you are leaving the computer overnight), to compress that to a couple of things. I know you SORT OF can get that now by sharing in FCPX to multiple things, but it would be a nice feature for Compressor to have too.

- A way to 'lock' edits/Projects, with a simple lock-icon like in system preferences. Snapshot seems to be a way, I’m just wondering if a lock icon is not more universal and easily understandable.

- it would be great if you could select all your markers in the timeline index, and make them into another kind of marker, with one command, or one click. Like making all your markers chapter markers, or making all your markers to do items, etc. ...

- Having a way of seperately consolidating only your Proxy Media to another folder like you want.

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Bennett Davlin
Re: Feature Requests
on Feb 24, 2016 at 10:29:38 am

I am a film director and new to Creative Cow (although employees of mine on jobs have referred to it.) I've hand drawn 1600 pics and hired actors and edited a full animatic of my new movie for my financiers. My only issue was that I recorded certain audio scenes between the proxy male and female leads on a bidirectional mic (two mic heads) instead of the boom mic. I wanted to catch the performance with the actors working live off each other (since all the audience sees is the pictures I drew for now).

The subsequent audio clips are out of balance (left and right channel). So I have to shift the stereo pan about 48 to 50 points one way or another, one faced one of the mic heads with the other to the opposite one. To compound the issue, the performers slightly moved so the corrected pans can't be easily pasted into their subsequent audio clips. And the balancing is never perfect. I'm usually a few points off on the right and left audio meters (although I usually get them within 6 and 12) on the audio meter.

I'm wondering if I can split the track and somehow create a stereo dup so the channels match. Unfortunatley I am not a FCPX pro (learning the system as I go). And the sound tracks on my real productions are handled by pros. I thought with your knowledge of FCPX you might be able to advise me if I am stuck balancing the channels or if there is a clever trick to split a track and create duplicate channels for these clips.

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Joe Marler
Re: Feature Requests
on Feb 24, 2016 at 11:35:09 am

Those are some long lists of things to improve. There are also 100+ items "needing improvement" on

In all of those, I don't see any mention of fixing multicam so it works with stabilization, optical flow and audition. Also optical flow and tracking plugins like SliceX don't work in multicam or sync'd clips.

This makes me wonder how many FCPX users actually use multicam? Or do they just never stabilize or use optical flow or audition or SliceX in multicam?

Premiere Pro CC has no problem stabilizing, doing optical flow smoothing, or motion tracking on multicam clips.

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Michael Hancock
Re: Feature Requests
on Feb 24, 2016 at 3:30:57 pm

Oliver Peters started a great "Feature Request" thread back in September that generated a nice long list and discussion.

FCPX has had an update since then, and pretty much none of those feature requests made it into the new version - so I'd say they all still apply. :-)

Michael Hancock

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Bret Williams
Re: Feature Requests
on Feb 25, 2016 at 5:17:00 am

I'm pretty sure any feature requests that make it into a version of FCP X are a purely coincidental occurrence.

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Tom Sefton
Re: Feature Requests
on Feb 25, 2016 at 12:03:19 pm

I'd like to be able to make it possible for effects and transformations that are applied to a file in one project, be able to duplicate across each instance of the clip appearing in the whole library. Yes, you can command c and then command v, but with multiple projects this gets very time consuming.

I'd like to be able to close projects that I've finished working on to save RAM.

I'd like to have more control over the type of h264 file that I encode without going to compressor.

I'd like faster audio waveform generation after loading clips to a project - Premiere does it in seconds and I'd love it if this was matched.

Co-owner at Pollen Studio

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Bret Williams
Re: Feature Requests
on Feb 26, 2016 at 5:44:44 pm

[David Mathis] "Linear only is not an option."

Certainly the key framing isn't the best. Sucked in 7 too, but the idea was that if you wanted detailed key framing you round tripped the shot to motion. Since we can't do that in X you'd think perhaps they give it some keyframe love. At least in X we can move multiple keyframes at once and copy and paste them with some sort of intelligence. The key framing in X is where FCP 2.0 should have been but never advanced past it's original crappy inception. But a couple handy tricks... Bezier certainly exists. Right click on the keyframe in the viewer and choose smooth. Then you can also adjust the curve. AND it's this little curve handle that will also sorta control ease in/out. Jeremy shared this one. Set to smooth, and when the curve handles appear, move them back toward the keyframe as far as you can. If it's a straight move you can sometimes hold shift while you move it so that it stays in line with the path and doesn't create an unwanted curve.

I have absolutely no idea why this creates a pseudo ease in or out. It's probably a bug and will be accidentally removed at some point.

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Scott Witthaus
Re: Feature Requests
on Feb 27, 2016 at 12:15:42 pm

I had to do a quick Premiere gig yesterday and wanted to do a little type treatment on one scene. While I loathe Premiere and it's interface, the ability to go directly to AE, do a quick lighting effect on type, and have it there in the timeline is sweet. I know it's been asked for many times, but export to Motion with a dynamic link would be at the top on my list.

Scott Witthaus
Senior Editor/Post Production Supervisor
1708 Inc./Editorial
Professor, VCU Brandcenter

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