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Life is good

COW Forums : Apple Final Cut Pro X Debates

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Eric Santiago
Life is good
on Dec 29, 2015 at 4:10:56 pm
Last Edited By Eric Santiago on Dec 29, 2015 at 4:34:45 pm

After a half a year of working in Premiere and Avid due to work sched with clients/day job, my five day stint with FCPX reaffirms my belief that we all benefit (now) with all these NLE options.
I had the task of editing a 9 days shoot (about 12 hours footage) on and off (I do wear other hats) and had to reacquaint myself with FCPX (last big project back in May) and I have to say I just work faster in this app.
Sure I can bring up the negatives but its far fewer than the issues I've had with Avid/Premiere (more Avid errors of late).
Just had to throw this out there for you FCPX people :)
P.s. project was in R3D 4K and I didnt even use proxies.
I did however had to export some clips to HD for roto/blue screen work.
Changing project settings in FCPX is smooth compared to others.

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David Mathis
Re: Life is good
on Dec 31, 2015 at 7:09:25 pm

I find myself being drawn to FCP X even more. It just feels more responsive, the interface, while needing some minor improvements, is great and, more important, realtime previews.

No tracks means I don't have to worry about track assignments or patching, which can slow one down. Motion integration, while not perfect (due to the lack of exporting clips directly over), is a nice feature. I can just make a simple title card and with rigs, have the ability to change the background and other things on the fly. A huge timesaver she is!

Only thing lacking is native support for Cinema DNG files, so Resolve is a must have.

I wonder if it, that is FCP X, will handle camera files from a Digital Bolex in its native format. Been eyeing that camera for sometime and the footage looks great.

I said trim dang it!

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Eric Santiago
Re: Life is good
on Jan 2, 2016 at 7:04:35 pm

When Im in Avid or Premiere, I still see why I need to use tracks.
Not that it a must, its just while its available I just plain use it.
Bur in FCPX it doesnt exist and for some reason my brain doest care.
No muscle memory of wanting to place things above and below.
Mind you I edited the last project with a linear mindset since Ive shot and played it in my head for weeks before first cut.
I did go back and forth in non-linear style due to CG and late shot dates. but it was still amazing as how fast I am without the tracks crutch.

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