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Working a booth at NAB? Teaching a class? Giving a speech?

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Tim Wilson
Working a booth at NAB? Teaching a class? Giving a speech?
on Mar 9, 2015 at 6:43:19 pm

So kids, it's about that time.

I'm most interested in hearing about your DAYS at NAB, rather than the afterhours things that we can take for granted. The S-word is of particular non-interest to me. Many of you will go. Got it.

What most interests me is DURING THE DAY. Who's working a booth? Who's teaching a class? Who's serving on a panel? Who's got a meet-up? Where can other people find you DURING THE DAY?

By which I do NOT mean "I'm going to make a beeline to the Blackmagic booth," or "I'm going to the Tuesday keynote" as much as, "I will be WORKING IN this booth," or "I will be PRESENTING on this panel."

But hey, I'm on crack for even thinking I can keep this on topic. LOL So whatever. But anyone who mentions the S-word is automatically docked 2 Pac Man power pellets. Save that for another thread, please. This is for DURING THE DAY.

I have a couple of notes to make already.

First, the article by Creative COW Contributing Editor Kylee Wall, Sexism In Post: Sometimes It's What You Think It Is, Sometimes It's Nott, has proven to be one of the most provocative and influential in the entire industry since she wrote it.

An NAB result has been the creation of a panel at Post Production World (where I know that many of you are leading sessions), called "Working Together To Close The Gender Gap in Post Production", sponsored by Adobe, the Hollywood Post Association, ACE, among others.

This one is actually a session followed by a cocktail reception/meetup, and it starts at 5PM on Monday, in Room N252. Read more about it here.

We're very proud to have run the original article, and of Kylee for going out on a limb to write it, and hope you'll make time to attend.

The other is kind of a kick for the folks in this forum in particular, put together by Noah Kadner and our friends at FCPWORKS. It's called...wait for it...Creative COW Presents FCPX: The Debate!

Noah's idea is to present a fun, balanced look at the evolution of FCPX from (IN MY WORDS, NOT NOAH'S) perceived unmitigated disaster creating chaos of unprecedented scale upon its introduction to...whatever it is for you today. :-) The particpants range from unabashed enthusiasts to thoughtful, balanced folks who both use X daily, and who don't, and why. You'll recognize these names:

  • Ben Balser
  • Bill Davis
  • Michael Horton (whose LAFCPUG changed its name to Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group)
  • Andrew Kimery
  • Oliver Peters well as Noah himself in some capacity.

These are guys who've been around for a long time, and are anything but knee-jerk jerks, if you will. It's also on Monday, at 1PM in the Rainbow Room at the Renaissance Hotel, immediately adjacent to the southernmost end of the South Hall.

So there ya go. A couple of great places to start, both of them a great place to meet COWs, get enriched, and, in the case of the Working Together To Close The Gender Gap, a place to get a drink too.

For the rest of you, where can we find you during the day, at vendor booths, presenting at workshops and panels and the like.

Or, as usual, ignore all this direction and write whatever the hell you want. Nothing's really off-topic here, as I, Mr. Off-Topic (and Off-Color), should know as well as anyone.

Yr pal,

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David Roth Weiss
Re: Where can people find you at NAB DURING THE DAY?
on Mar 9, 2015 at 7:44:40 pm

Jeeze, people actually want to close the gender gap now - what's this world coming to? The next thing they'll want to do is democratize video production, and then of course we all know that will inevitably lead to trackless audio and the eventual demise of our industry.

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Kevin Monahan
Re: Where can people find you at NAB DURING THE DAY?
on Mar 9, 2015 at 9:56:35 pm

Hi Tim,
You'll find me doing the morning shift at the Adobe both M-Th answering questions at the "Info pod." To Tim (and everyone else), please stop by and say hi!!


Kevin Monahan
Support Product Manager—DVA
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
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Tim Wilson
Re: Where can people find you at NAB DURING THE DAY?
on Mar 10, 2015 at 12:34:20 am

No NAB for me, but kids, I have to tell ya, make plans to meet Kevin. It won't just be one of the highlights of your show. If you're anything like me, the relationship you build with him will be a highlight of your career.

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Noah Kadner
Re: Where can people find you at NAB DURING THE DAY?
on Mar 9, 2015 at 10:15:46 pm

Thanks Tim! More details on the Creative Cow debate panel will be available here:


Call Box Training

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