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FCPX for iPad?

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Chris Jacek
FCPX for iPad?
on Jun 25, 2011 at 4:40:04 pm

I'm sure it has been mentioned before, but I'll ask in case it hasn't. Do you think they designed a dumbed-down version of FCP so that is can easily be ported to iOS and iPads? When I think about the magnetic timeline, the simplified menus, the depleted set of keyboard shortcuts, and the stubborn insistence of a single-screen viewer/canvas, it all seems to point to a touch-screen interface that involves as little scrolling as possible.

Think about how it could be sold. Your iPad could be your all-in-one production and post-production tool. You can shoot video with the built-in camera, cut it on FCPX, and send it to YouTube all at once. From a pro video standpoint, the concept is horrific, but I must admit, the concept is intriguing.

If that is the goal, I just wish it would have been released as a separate item.

Professor, Producer, Editor
and former Apple Employee

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Phil Hoppes
Re: FCPX for iPad?
on Jun 25, 2011 at 4:53:11 pm

Don't laugh. Give tech manufacturing a couple of years and an iPad 6 with a quad core A7 CPU running a retina display will run FCP12 very nice I'm sure. And there will be a market for it and consumers will love it.

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John Godwin
Re: FCPX for iPad?
on Jun 25, 2011 at 4:58:44 pm

I brought the drive I've been using with Ripple training from my home to my office and hooked it up, opened FCP X, and there everything was. And after working on the 17" MacBook Pro (3 years old model) for a few minutes, I realized how good the interface looks on that smaller screen, better than on the 27" iMac I was testing on. I realized my eyes didn't have to track as far and it was actually somewhat easier than working on the larger screen with the interface at full size. Everything is more visible, to me, and less shrunken than FCP7.

Add to that Apple's interest in touch screens and touchpads and I think their plans may well be for more physical control down the line. I have an iPad with iMovie and can see that a lot of this would adapt. So, sure, as tablets get more and more powerful, why not?

Not sure I'd enjoy Minority Report style waving of my arms all day, great though it looks in a movie.


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Chip Murphy
Re: FCPX for iPad?
on Jun 28, 2011 at 9:54:44 am

FCPx on iPad

Strangely enough it feels good (please forgive the lackluster quality. Good footage/camera is back at the office).

The UI is natively button based, no floating Avid-esque bin windows floating around, and the whole notion of skimming for the viewer makes it work. Not to mention the fact that X negates the need for finder, all your timelines automatically pop up and there is no "save-as".

I really think we'll see an iOS version of this for the hi resolution iPad 3

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Jamie Franklin
Re: FCPX for iPad?
on Jun 25, 2011 at 5:57:05 pm

[Chris Jacek] " Do you think they designed a dumbed-down version of FCP so that is can easily be ported to iOS and iPads?"

A resounding yes. They are developing a high resolution ipad now in 2k.

With all the jibber jabber in the reactions, a lot of it stems for the *final* realization that Apple is on a *solid* path to iOS and leaving everything else behind. We have been joking, being cynical and speculating this for a long time. This is just the smoking gun for the 54% market share in broadcasting and film they have chosen to leave out in the cold in their path to iWorld domination.

"Target consumer" has been thrown around a lot. There is no "target", they want it universal. Give it enough features so "pros" can still utilize it in some degree and update accordingly, but make it so dumbed down and iOS friendly so my dog can take a picture, ichat and cut a video...

Problem is, and I truly believe this now. They underestimated the backlash. But your question answers itself in the product they just unleashed, and the developments for the next generation iPad

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