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FCPX Favorites bug?

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David Hudson
FCPX Favorites bug?
on Sep 6, 2013 at 6:18:26 pm

So I’ve been working a job and I have been using Favorites to “subclip” my Footage and I have come across a weird/troubling thing FCPX does. And I tried this on 2 machines and got same action from FCPX:
1. I have a clip with several sound bites I want to mark as “favorite”, I’ll call this “Clip 001″ and I’ll designate 3 favorites
2. change my clip view to favorites and I see 3 instances of “clip 001″ each is the favorite area I selected. Great!
3. If if go to the 2nd or third Favorite and skim it and pick an in point FCPX jumps my selection back to the first favorite!! What the?
4. now if iselect the favorite I was working with the inpoint has been placed but if I try to do anything with any Favorite instance of Clip 001 FCPX jumps me up to to favorite 1.
What the heck is going on? any thoughts

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John Moffat
Re: FCPX Favorites bug?
on Sep 7, 2013 at 8:50:11 am

I found that Favourites has never worked properly since they implemented persistent in and outs (10.0.6 I think). Lots of buggy behaviour like you mentioned.

It used to be the case where you could mark a Favourite then press tab to name the Favourite all without stopping playback. It was a really elegant, fast and fluid way of logging. Now it's bit of a half way house kludge.

Send a bug report... it is a feature I would really like returned/fixed. Ideally there should also be a way to turn persistent in and out off in the preferences.

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Nicholas Kleczewski
Re: FCPX Favorites bug?
on Sep 8, 2013 at 7:05:11 pm

Agreed. Favorites have been flawed since the beginning, In fact have gotten worse. They sort of used to work as a subclip alternative until they made it so the autoselect defaulting back to the original clip rather than the favorite making naming it with just keyboard strokes impossible.

Another terrible bug, if you do log your favorites, and then ever accidentally over lap two favorites in/out points, all the meta data gets erased and back to "Favorite" awesome...

Director, Editor, Colorist

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