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FCP-X and GTX680 vs Radeon7950?

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Bernhard Grininger
FCP-X and GTX680 vs Radeon7950?
on Jun 15, 2013 at 9:23:32 am


I'm in a dilemma.
For a 2009 MacPro i need a new GFX board;
needs to be official native mac,
so EVGA GTX680 2GB Mac or Sapphire Radeon 7950 3GB Mac (no K5000).

It should be used with FCP-X and Resolve (Le) v10 in HD.
Available Benchmarks are not that significant.

variables to consider:
- In Resolve v10 both seem to have nearly the same performance.
- In FCP-X 7950 seems a little bit faster
- BMD recommends more than 2GB for HD + optical flow + effects in v10,
so 3GB are definitely better than 2GB;
but would 680' processing power compensate lack of VRAM?
- Apple comes up with a new OpenCL; so what gain is to be expect from this?

Please do anyone have got real-world experience comparing both?
Which board 'behaves' better?
What would You suggest?

(I wished EVGA hat put in 4GB to Mac Edition;
the decision would then be a no-brainer.)

THANK YOU and best regards,

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Craig Seeman
Re: FCP-X and GTX680 vs Radeon7950?
on Jun 15, 2013 at 3:02:30 pm

Barefeats ran tests with both the 680 and 7950.

Rather than listing all thinks if you look at about March 19 forward you'll see many tests

I'd have to ask have you considered looking at the 2012 iMac with the 680MX for comparison. I suspect in some cases the Quad i7 Ivy Bridge may be comparable to certain 2009 MacPro configs given the advances in chip technology. You don't mention which 2009 MacPro you have (4 cores, 12 cores?) but that can be a big factor.

Do look at this
But look at all the tests.

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Bernhard Grininger
Re: FCP-X and GTX680 vs Radeon7950?
on Jun 15, 2013 at 3:31:09 pm

Hello Craig,

these benchmarks are one reason for my doubts :-)
It appears both boards are similar powerful.
(I even consolidated barefeats' results into a spreadsheet to have a better overview...)

The basic question here is:
Does 680' minimal better processing power compensate the lack of 1 more GB VRAM ?

And what can we expect from the new OpenCL?

MacPro is Mid2009 8 cores, 16GB.

Thank You!

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Christian Schumacher
Re: FCP-X and GTX680 vs Radeon7950?
on Jun 15, 2013 at 3:57:34 pm

There's also the plethora of cards for PC, lot's of options now ironically.
But that's if you stay OS updated, drivers are native since late ML.

Like here from nVidia:

And if you want to get a powerful one, simply use this to provide power.

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Lance Bachelder
Re: FCP-X and GTX680 vs Radeon7950?
on Jun 15, 2013 at 6:00:21 pm

If you're using it for Resolve I'd stick with a pro card like the Quadro K4000 or whatever your budget allows - while the gamer cards are very fast, both AMD and nVidia purposely cripple the cards for 8bit output only. Using a Firepro or Quadro gives you 10 bit possibilities if that's important to you - of course you need a 10 bit display.

Lance Bachelder
Writer, Editor, Director
Downtown Long Beach, California

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