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How well is FCPX selling?

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Craig Seeman
How well is FCPX selling?
on Nov 1, 2011 at 9:27:22 pm

FCPX ranks number 2 in top grossing revenue in the App Store behind Lion.

Being the second highest grossing software behind the OS itself has to noteworthy.
Given that FCPX is 10 times the price of Lion it would mean that it's sales are no more that 10% that of Lion and probably a bit less. I'd note that in the last few days it want from number 4 behind Pages and iPhoto to that number 2 slot. Just as points of information iPhoto is not going to sell to new Mac purchases since it's included free. That would mean these are likely people upgrading. Pages would be a purchase for everyone.

FCPX ranks number 19 in top paid programs. To give that some meaning what sits around it is Aperture at 17 and GarageBand 18. Significantly Angry Birds Rio is well behind it at 25 although Angry Birds itself is 13. The top paid non Apple program is Pixelmator at 7. PhotoShop Elements is at 35. iPhoto is 2 and Page 3. So it would seem just in total paid (number purchased) FCPX holds up well even against the Angry Birds franchise and it's very close behind Aperture and Garageband.

Apple's Q4 report a couple of weeks back had Lion at over 6 million downloads. That means FCPX must be under 600 thousand downloads.

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Jacob Kerns
Re: How well is FCPX selling?
on Nov 1, 2011 at 10:01:36 pm

That's because Mom and Dads also bought the program. I bought thinking it was great then it turned out to be a waste of money. I wouldn't use the App store to judge how the program is being used. Also considering you can't buy them anywhere but the app store helps numbers for both Lion and FCPX.

Technical Director

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Craig Seeman
Re: How well is FCPX selling?
on Nov 1, 2011 at 11:09:35 pm

[Jacob Kerns] "That's because Mom and Dads also bought the program"

Lots of professionals would qualify as moms and dads.

[Jacob Kerns] "I wouldn't use the App store to judge how the program is being used."

Selling, not use. That's what I noted. There's not quantifiable numbers regarding use at this point. Sales has quantifiable ranking.

[Jacob Kerns] "Also considering you can't buy them anywhere but the app store helps numbers for both Lion and FCPX."

Some would say having it only in the App Store means limited distribution. Numbers are numbers though and we know the revenue is behind Lion but ahead of everything else.

I posted rankings. If you have numbers or rankings post them.

There's also quantifiable ratings.
2323 ratings for all versions.
1207 4 or 5 stars.
So just over half like it although the reasons vary.

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tony west
Re: How well is FCPX selling?
on Nov 1, 2011 at 11:18:26 pm

Interesting info.

I can't say I'm surprised.

I think it says a lot that it's up that high after being trashed by so many.

Just imagine how good it's going to do when word of mouth spreads from people who use it and like it.

Tony West

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Phil Hoppes
Re: How well is FCPX selling?
on Nov 3, 2011 at 3:25:10 am

Here is a bit of interesting trivia for you all.

I purchase FCPX the day it came out. Tried it. Liked some things but didn't like some other things. Figured I should spend more time working with PP so I emailed Apple and requested a refund. Apple, to their credit, was prompt and courteous and they refunded my money. I in turn deleted FCPX from my Mac. I pay for what I use and work hard to be up front about it. Fast forward to now. I picked up a new iPhone 4S (love it) and I've been shooting a lot of videos of my grandson's soccer game and other various outings and, in addition, I co-lead the local FCPUG, so I figured I really did not give FCPX an even shake and one of the things that really did impress me was how fast it can work for a quick slam and bang production. (Like something I do with kids soccer games). So I decided to repurchase FCPX.

I logged on to the App store and went to repurchase the program. Low and behold, the App store comes back and tells me I am due a "free" update to 10.0.1 and it proceeds to download to my MBP. I'm a little perplexed but just figured there must have been some dangling file hiding in the bowels of my hard drive. Well, in the mean time, we were also doing our once every 3 or so years hand me down of computers to my kids and I'd just purchased a new 27" iMac for my wife. I wanted to put FCPX on this machine so I figured "Well, I'll come clean and really purchase it when I load on to her iMac". The new iMac arrives and I go to again purchase FCPX and the App store announces, "You are due a free update to 10.0.1" and proceeds to install on my wife's new, clean iMac. I have a brief WTF moment and figure, ok, I don't want to be on the phone to Bangalore or where ever for 2 hours to fix this so I just wrote App store support explaining the situation and that I wanted to PAY Apple for the program I now wanted to use.

I get a very polite letter back from the App store support basically telling me that the way there system works, once the charge someone for an item it is impossible for them to charge the same account twice for the same thing. They ended with :

"This is your lucky day. Enjoy"

Now really, I'm not complaining. But I just had to ask myself "82 Billion dollars in the bank. 108 Billion dollars a year in revenue and they don't have an ERP system that can manage their on line sales with a one to many relationship?" WOW..................

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