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Franz Bieberkopf and Apple Talk

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Aindreas Gallagher
Franz Bieberkopf and Apple Talk
on Sep 21, 2018 at 10:07:05 pm

Hey there, mad forum,

I missed the whole shennanigans around the forum name change, not madly up to speed, but Apple Talk feels like it's the end of an era I guess?

I just wanted to say that I had a mad old time here, for a long time, and really this place was quite an oddity I suppose - not least in terms of the utterly raw debate allowed relative to the wider Cow. I just skimmed a set of heavy posts from elder Gods like Ron Lindebloom on this topic, and some lengthy stuff from Tim as well.

I'll say this much: I can remember distinctly the first time I really, really mashed the keyboard here, because I was sitting in my childhood bedroom helping sort stuff out after my father passed away, and, as form of distraction I just started letting rip, probably at Bill Davis realistically, and I felt an illicit thrill at throwing caution to the wind and just going for someone's position on X. And then, well, we all proceeded to generate posts and threads and replies that were at times so long, and so sprawling, that scrolling down them was an odd pleasure unto itself. Some threads were so mad, so neverending, they were these concrete objects you could just keep scrolling down along, catching people's names to figure out where stuff got really hot.

Anyway. It originated out of a very specific moment in time, and we're all wound up editors, and God knows this place lacked gender balance to a degree that boggles the mind, but I kind of treasured it really, because after a while it mutated into this weird space where a ton of interesting conversations took place. Jeremy Garchow always struck me as basically the epitome of a bulwark editor, and I can still clearly recall his avatar, that of his doughty dog, occasionally in fish bowl lens. I always felt I was bullshitting relative to his actual dedication to task, and understanding of it. David Lawrence, quelle surprise, had a recurring tendency to say some of the smartest stuff I've ever read, on any forum, about the basic nature and task of editing. Tim Wilson listened to more of my bullshit than any human has a right to expect. And Simon Ubsdell's level of knowledge quietly terrifies me, and let's be real, everyone knows what I'm talking about there.

But Franz Bieberkopf, in the forum's heyday - and really, everything has its season - but the periodic presence of Franz Bieberkopf, basically alone in having a nomme de guerre, in a forum that was distinguished by people throwing brickbats solidly under their given name (let's all have a democracy twitter LOL for that one) - I just sort of adored the presence of Franz Bieberkopf. He threw up some of the most interesting stuff, on the regular, I have ever come across in any channel on editing. You were just having a good time in those back and forths.

Anyway. The first time I posted here, years ago, I was upset, both on a personal unrelated level, and in a very specific editor fashion about Apple's choices with X. So I lashed out. That's what I was really doing, and that's what a lot of people here did. And then it seemed to combust into a pretty specific, and very dynamic madhouse, and in truth, I really enjoyed it. There is no joy greater than throwing a haymaker at Bill Davis. Because, you know, with absolute certainty, he is going to smile and return it. And then you can have at it. I mean, who amongst us doesn't like the amorality of functional debate? And I never ONCE posted late under the influence of Malbec.

Anyway - essentially, I just wanted to say thanks. I genuinely got a lot out of it, somewhat cathartically in general, and I got to engage in a metric tonne of interesting conversations. And the Cow, more specifically Tim Wilson, operated, effectively heroically, to keep things vaguely on keel.

The Cow's been a classy place I've lent on, mostly for After Effects brass tacks, for a really long time, and in this one mad instance, I got to mess about in a scandalous six shooter saloon they took great pains to maintain for us.

So thank you. Also - pour one out for Franz Bieberkopf.
producer/editor.grading/motion graphics

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