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Any reason why restoring from LTO (BRU PE, specifically) can't be easier?

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Terence Patrick
Any reason why restoring from LTO (BRU PE, specifically) can't be easier?
on Jun 14, 2018 at 5:55:39 pm

tl;dr version: Why can't restoring from a tape made in any copy of BRU PE (from any user's computer) be a simple as it is to do the Quick Archive - insert tape, select files, press Restore, and done?

Long version:
Even though I'm relatively new to LTO tape and BRU PE software, I was trying to train a production assistant on how to archive and restore. The archiving part is relatively straight forward in BRU PE, however the restore part seems to be the most difficult for a novice to wrap their heads around (myself, included). For instance, in our production office, we setup a new Mac workstation and put BRU PE on it. Trying to restore data from a tape that was made on a different computer seems so much more difficult than it needs to be. Why is that? We had to restore the environment from the other computer and still BRU PE couldn't recognize the tape. So we used the BRU PE Import Tool, which took a couple of hours to read the whole tape. And then, BRU PE cannot restore an entire tape (only certain files or folders) from the GUI. Doing a full tape restore requires command line and understanding how UNIX formats volume paths if the destination is somewhere different from the original archived path. Then, it turns out the files are hidden once they've been fully restored, so we had to show the PA how to unhide files (CMD+Shift+. on MacOS). It was extremely exhausting to say the least and not what I expected after reading EVERY-SINGLE-POST that Tim Jones chimes in on touting how "It's the RESTORE that matters!". After looking at the catalog files from my archives, they're about 1.5MB per tape set. Why can't the catalogs or whatever is needed to identify the contents of the tape be written to the tape so that any installation of BRU PE can figure out what's there when the tape is inserted and the user can simply select what they want to restore and begin immediately? Is there a technical limitation on making this simpler to use?

This seems like an amazing opportunity for a software company to make a very user-friendly LTO backup solution that doesn't require studying a not-that useful manual or spending hours on a message board to figure the little quirks. I understand that LTO has always been in the domain of DITs or IT Depts, but many production companies I know of here in L.A. have someone a lot less technical or someone who has to wear many hats (myself included) handle the archiving.

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Dean Tyson
Re: Any reason why restoring from LTO (BRU PE, specifically) can't be easier?
on Jun 20, 2018 at 10:52:56 am

I'm no expert at this, but from what you have said, makes no sense...
Restore is the simplest thing and the reason you are needing to take the VERY long way around is that the Catalogs from all the archives are missing on the new install...

Just a thought, that if you are using or sharing 2 machines with the same archives, it might help to do a Catalog backup from the first machine and then restore that to the second machine.

This should then show all the archives from the first and make life easier using the inbuilt restore option....

I may be wrong, hope this helps...

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