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silhouette roto
on May 24, 2005 at 5:52:50 am

what happened to the silhouette forum?

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J Bills
Re: silhouette roto
on May 27, 2005 at 12:28:28 am

Yeah, you would think if they were going to take it down, they would at least tell the moderator...

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Re: silhouette roto
on May 29, 2005 at 3:43:20 am


any word if it'll be back?

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J Bills
Re: silhouette roto
on May 31, 2005 at 4:34:17 am

nope - axed. too bad!

oh well - wasn't necessary. subsequent to the CC forum, silhouette started their own, which are great!

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Ron Lindeboom
Re: silhouette roto
on May 31, 2005 at 12:10:47 pm

Hey J,

We DID write you. We *also* wrote you a second time and you didn't even bother to dignify our rather long and in-detail email with even an acknowledgement. (See below for a reprint of the details.)

If you care to visit the Cow, please drop the 'tude or we will be forced to close your account.

We are on forum #197 now and we have only 134 *active* forums. Many forums have not made it in the Cow and are removed from the list as we do not want to be like some sites which have 350+ forums of which only about 20 have any traffic of any consequence. We try to have *active* forums here at the Cow -- ones which users actually benefit from. Dead forums are of no use to anyone.

Ron Lindeboom

Hi J,

We did write you. Perhaps your service provider is one
of the many IPs which subscribe to SpamCop and
automatically reject mail from the Cow.

This happens oftentimes whenever *any*one reports us to
SpamCop and then for a period of days we are in their

Therefore, I am writing you from Yahoo in hope that
you get this.

We deleted the forum as it has always been our policy
that dead forums are shut off. The roto forum had
gotten to the point that it was about dead. When we
visited the silhouette software site, we could see why
and it makes no sense to support a forum for a company
that is running its own forum and isn't even linked to
the Cow. It is never going to work that way.

We are now up to forum #196 and yet we have only 134
active forums. We will be turning off a few more
really quick as we have been going through our site
and seeing what is working and what isn't. We always
cull the herd and have done so since we started the
site -- this, as we do not want to have a bunch of
dead forums.

The Commotion forum is one of the next round of forums
that will *likely* disappear as we have it slated for
deactivation. (likely means we're not sure)

We really try to keep the Cow a place where the forums
are of a real value to users and when forums die, we
really hate to turn them off but it is far better to
do than to have users clicking a bunch of forums and
finding nothing there.

We really appreciate your efforts in trying to get the
roto forum going J, but unfortunately, it just did not
take off as we had hoped.

The best always,

Ron & Kathlyn

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Ron Lindeboom
Re: silhouette roto -- an addendum and clarification...
on May 31, 2005 at 12:23:22 pm

Hi All,

In the email we sent J Bills (that I posted in reply to his remarks), we referred to the possibility that the Commotion forum is likely to be deactivated. That is a possibility but we have NOT made any decision one way or the other. We have kept the Commotion forum alive over the years due to the fact that the product is gone and we wanted users to have somewhere to interact. It's not a lot of traffic -- hasn't been for a long time now -- and when it's clear it is over, at that time we will deactivate the forum. But for now, people still post here and so we are not going to be deactivating the forum. When a month or two goes by without any traffic, then this one will be deactivated as well.

Just to clarify,

Ron Lindeboom

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Matt Silverman
Re: silhouette roto -- an addendum and clarification...
on May 31, 2005 at 2:52:41 pm

Hey Ron,
I understand your needs, but considering the fact that Pinnacle offers no support for commotion I hope you keep this around until the app stops working. Maybe I should just start posting random topics to keep it appearing alive ;-)


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Nick Breen-Kurucsev
Re: silhouette roto -- an addendum and clarification...
on May 31, 2005 at 8:55:04 pm

HI Ron,
please take a plea from someone who finds this forum invaluable, there is no other source of info for commotion anywhere on the web. and it has saved my butt, no end of times whether through posting a question orsearching through the archives.
Commotion maybe dead in the eyes of its makers but certainly not in the eyes of its users.
It would be remis of me not to thank Matt for his continued support to this forum.


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Ron Lindeboom
Re: silhouette roto -- an addendum and clarification...
on Jun 2, 2005 at 1:30:43 pm

Hi Matt,

What I meant when I said "likely" this forum will be turned off is that it is highly likely that as system software updates make it tougher and tougher to use Commotion, there will get to be less and less traffic here. One day, there will be none.

One of the MAIN reasons that we have kept this forum alive is that we know what you personally, have put into it, Matt. We also know that Pinnacle isn't supporting it and that's another reason.

But when J Bills made a big deal out of turning off a dead forum that has a perfectly live forum going elsewhere, I guess I should have been more careful in my wording that I said to him.

We know that one day this forum will disappear but it's not going to happen now and likely won't until the day that the last one out turns out the lights.

Hell, we haven't turned off Curious gFx either and it's pretty dead. But the users have nowhere else to go...

Silhouette Roto was another topic altogether. There was simply no point to keeping that forum going.

Best always, Matt.

Ron Lindeboom

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J Bills
Re: silhouette roto -- an addendum and clarification...
on Jun 1, 2005 at 4:33:35 am

Hi Ron -

sorry if you felt any 'tude. Yes, I did receive the 2nd email that you posted, after my first post in this thread but before my second. apologies for the lack of ackngmt. the cow rocks and I hope you didn't misinterpret my short posts as negative. Just slightly busy at the mo-

please keep the commotion board alive.

thanks - later days, brothers! keep up the good work, rock on and all that.


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Giles Chin
Re: silhouette roto -- an addendum and clarification...
on Jun 1, 2005 at 10:06:52 am

Pleeeez keep this Commotion forum alive! Saved my butt tooooo!

- Giles

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Commotion is still the roto king
on Jun 2, 2005 at 11:04:44 am

and it needs a board on this forum! For those of us who can't afford both Curious and Silhouette and wonder why we shouldn't have both toolset under one roof anyway, in an app we already own, crying out loud!

Hey Ron! I keep shaking in my shoes with every new release of the Mac OS and its still there in Tiger. Please do NOT eliminate this board. Mind you I'm not being cheeky, but I just strolled through a few boards in the list that have nothing but "New Forum" postings, and which AFAIK have no community. Things might be low key here, but this board is important. CCow has the honor of being the last support site for probably the strongest roto/paint tool that ever cost less than $1K. Please keep it alive, at least until we can force Avid at gun point to do something with Commotion other than scratch their heads and wonder what a B-Spline is (if they even got that far!)

The length of this thread alone should convince you of the level of lurker traffic it gets. Community isn't always "MY TRACKER WON'T TRACK!" posts. Thanks dood.

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I Lurked ;(
on Jun 2, 2005 at 1:07:38 pm

Alright... I'm out of the closet, I too am a Lurker. I visit this board several times a week and post nothing..., But will lift my silence to lock arms with my brothers and stand in front of the train. I run Commotion, hard.. constantly, for roto and paint, I even needed to use it 3 times last week to transcode quicktimes from the Flame that were crashing every other QTbased app including the finder!, Commotion was my last resource and the little guy came of the bench and saved my ass again. We probly all treat Commotion alot like we treat this forum we take both for granted, We may all be using AE 6.point whatever or sillouette or motion, day in and day out, but every once in a while we get a Clip and where like... COMOTION! for any number of reasons its the only app that'll do the job, Just like this Forum is the only one that will answer our questions, this Forum is priceless for the archive alone and also for the profiles of the Few that have been man enough all these years To keep posting, Like
Matt Silverman, J. Bills, and Chawla who amoung others seem like amazing resources and also make the archives worth reading.

So with all this forum killing buisness instead of smoking out every roto based app's forum could you not just combine a few? and have a roto forum, Sorry Commotion dudes if this is a dumb idea, I just cant really imagine many peeps are posting on the curios board either, and im sure some roto based questions in the AE forum would be better answered here. I know the structure of this whole site is App based but the best thing about roto and paint is its more about using the right Club for the job or the perfect Arrow in your quiver or a number of other painfull analogies, bottom line.. You use what you need to. So to have a place where one could get guidance as to picking that tool and how to use it might just be an OK idea.

sorry for lurking

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Re: I Lurked ;(
on Jun 3, 2005 at 5:52:19 am

well, i am just getting my feet wet w/ commotion...all i have are matt's commotion complete discs and this yes, please keep this forum! maybe scott squires can purchase his software back from avid? ;-)

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