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Wireless feed from two cameras into one monitor for director

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Asad Javed
Wireless feed from two cameras into one monitor for director
on Jul 10, 2015 at 6:39:47 pm

Hey world!

First off, I might just be putting this up on the wrong board, and if I am, I'm sorry, and I'll be happy to move it.

So I'm putting together the gear and setup plans for a student film we're going into production for in a couple of months. The set up has two cameras that operate wireless and mobile. The director was wondering if there was a way he could monitor the footage from both cameras within our teeny budget.

We already own a Lilliput 10" monitor which we weren't using so I figured I'd possibly set it up on that for him.

My first instinct was everyone's go-to cheap indie wireless monitoring sweetheart: the Nyrius Aries Prime.

We'd get two Nyrius Primes. The transmitters (powered by a 16,000mAh battery pack each) would plug into the cameras on the rigs. Then, over in the director's corner, the receivers would plug into an HDMI switch (to let the director switch between feeds). The hdmi switch would plug into the Lilliput monitor for the director. To have that be wireless as well, I thought I could use a V-Mount Battery to power the 2 receivers, the monitor and the hdmi switch, which altogether pull 35W.

Now there are a few things that are problematic with this setup:

1. I'm afraid that since there'd be two Nyrius Primes operating in close proximity to each other, there might be interference, which would render everything useless.

2. Even if there wasn't any interference, getting enough V-Mount Batteries for a 10 hr shoot day, as well as two Nyrius units would bring the entire set-up to around $1,000 which is way out of the budget we have for this. We were hoping to spend around $600 for this part.

Does anyone have any better ideas on how this could be accomplished, or if it's even possible within the confines of our budget? Ideally, if there was a product that fed the signal from two transmitters into one receiver, I think our problems would be slashed by half (no extra cash needed for batteries to power a second receiver and HDMI switch, and no fear of interference since the product would be designed for this.) Does anyone have any ideas? I've been scouring the internet for a good two days looking for something that might work. I'll even go hardcore DIY if that makes this possible, because it'd really help the production.

Any suggestions? I'll owe you a kidney?

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