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Audio-technica microphone question

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Erin Herbst
Audio-technica microphone question
on Dec 14, 2013 at 5:47:54 pm

Hi everyone,
This is probably a pretty easy question for you sound professionals to answer, but I'm fairly new to filming, so forgive me if this is silly question!
I'm filming basic indoor interview shots with client this afternoon and am going to be using my Canon EOS 70D. I'm using my Audio-Technica AT803 (omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone. My question is, on the power module that the microphone attaches to, there are two options when you turn it on: theres a straight-line and then theres a line that kind of curves down (see photo).
Can anyone tell me the difference between these two settings? Is there a difference? And if I'm recording someone indoors in a quiet room, is one option better than the other?
Any advice for this video-newbie would be very much appreciated :) Thanks so much!

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Steve Kownacki
Re: Audio-technica microphone question
on Dec 14, 2013 at 6:49:20 pm

That's what's known as a "bass rolloff" or "low end rolloff" switch. Basically it will reduce the low end rumble you get from air conditioners and such. It can, however, make your audio sound "thin" and you'll need to EQ in post. I rarely use rolloff anymore with the great audio plugins for removing noise. If you're going to use noise removal software, be sure to record at least 10 seconds of "room tone" to get your sample from.

Your best bet is to choose the proper location with as little noise as possible. Then turn off such items as room air conditioners/blowers (call facilities people at offices for help with that) unplug refrigerators (put your keys in the fridge so you remember to plug it back in).

And don't forget really good headphones so you can really hear what the mic is picking up.

And practice with it before the actual shoot! Try some recordings at home with and without the various settings to see what you get.


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