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Problem Recording 2 Channels, Sending Wireless Hop To 1

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Tom Salyer
Problem Recording 2 Channels, Sending Wireless Hop To 1
on Dec 4, 2013 at 6:52:47 pm

On an ENG job yesterday I feed my boom shotgun into channel 1 of my Mix Pre D, assigned channel 1 to both L and R, with the switch to Center. I fed my Tascam DR 100 Left and Right xlr inputs from the Mix Pre D Channel 1 and 2 xlr outputs.

I then feed a Sennheiser G3 transmitter from the TA3 mic unbalanced out with a Sound Devices XL-3 cable, making a wireless hop to my DP's Canon 5D MKIII for a scratch file.

When it came time for a sit down interview, I wanted to record into the Tascam the shotgun from the Mix Pre D's channel 1 out, and a Tram 50 lav from channel 2 out. I connected the lav to another G3 and plugged that into the Mix Pre D's input channel 2, switching channel 2 to right (lav), and channel 1 to left (shotgun).

I was seeing the two different mics recording fine on the two different channels of the Tascam, but my DP lost all signal from the wireless hop. As the interviewee and client were standing around, I switched the lav on the Mix Pre D's channel 2 to center, feeding both L and R to the outputs, and restored sound to the camera. I unplugged the shotgun from input channel 1.

Apparently I was doing something wrong, trying to do to much? I know I can't send a stereo signal to the camera via the wireless hop. Can I record stereo into the Tascam and somehow send one channel only to the camera via G3?

Is it a wiring problem with the Sennheiser 3.5 mm plug, or was I phase canceling out my signals by feeding two mikes? Obviously I'm confused :)

Tom Salyer, Miami

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John Fishback
Re: Problem Recording 2 Channels, Sending Wireless Hop To 1
on Dec 4, 2013 at 9:34:28 pm

Interesting problem. If you had reversed phase cables anywhere in your setup I'd expect to hear cancellation when the signal is panned center, not off to the sides. If you have a powered speaker try plugging the cables going to the camera into it and listen to see if anything is there or what happens when you pan the inputs L & R.


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