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iZotope RX? Waves? Audio Cleaner?

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Edward Neary
iZotope RX? Waves? Audio Cleaner?
on Sep 15, 2011 at 8:34:40 pm


I video weddings using the Canon 5D MKII. The built in audio is ok, but can be very hissy. I use Zoom recorders for ceremony & reception and they are good most of the time.

Two Issues

1. The H4N Zoom Recorder didn't work for a small part of the ceremony, so I have to use camera sound and it's VERY Noisy & Hissy. The more volume the worse it gets.

2. The reception gave me issues during the speeches and it's EXTREMELY Low. I have to raise volume and the hiss is terrible. There is so much background noise the more I raise the volume of the speech the louder everything else gets.

3. With any of your programs can you lower/eliminate the background noise and raise the volume on what I need I have to make these two challenges work. I'm no audio genius and your program seems very advanced, so, can I make your product work? Which program offered will do the trick? Which do I download for trial?

I've used SoundSoap Pro with luke warm results. Any thoughts on iZotope RX, Waves or any other program that can eliminate this issue?

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Michael Martin
Re: iZotope RX? Waves? Audio Cleaner?
on Sep 15, 2011 at 9:27:48 pm

i isotope rx2 advanced and it does an excellent job. i tried wavearts denoise and sonnax products to but it does not seem to be as effective.

Thing to remember is that you will never get all the noise out but these plugins help surpress them quite well. add in room tone to mask the noise in the dialogue.

-Michael Martin
Martin Media Company LLC
Location Sound/Audio Post Production/Sound Design

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Peter Groom
Re: iZotope RX? Waves? Audio Cleaner?
on Sep 16, 2011 at 10:51:59 am

Personally I have NEVER found ANY recording made by ANY DSLR camera any use other than for syncing up purposes. To have to use it in a mix is highly regrettable.
You will find that the noise floor on these things is horrible, and the processing, AGCs and clipping even worse. Increasing the gain will just, as you have found increase the hiss massively.
Izotope rx can "learn" the hiss out of a mix, but yooull find that a lot of the spoken word that you want to keep will also have frequencies in the hiss area, so the benefits might be limited. If you over push isotope it will go "watery"
I dont think it will save your bacon.

Id also suggest that you take a good look at your setup. Zooms are fine, but what happens when they fail??? Unattended recordings are likely to let you down. batteries run out, things get moved knocked, recording levels arent right (and the auto level in a zoom is completely useless and DANGEROUS) Thats where you are now.
When I do weddings I use radio mics back to my camera, and a proper video camera not a stills camera.
Radio on the Groom, radio on the readings lectern, radio on the vicar as a minimum. I have proper split channel recording, metering and headphones on everything.
AND most importantly of all, ALWAYS have a wired mic nearby. I use a rifle mic on a floor stand only feet from the people. Thats the safetyy and i would NOT be without it.

Good luck but this really emphasises the words of my mentor when I was a tv trainee. Get it right on location. Therell still be plenty to fix in post. If you drop a ming vase down the stairs, no amount of superglue will get it back to its original value.


Post Production Dubbing Mixer

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Edward Neary
Re: iZotope RX? Waves? Audio Cleaner?
on Sep 16, 2011 at 1:11:06 pm

Hey Peter,

Appreciate your feedback. The funny thing is that I have someone listening to the Zoom recording while it's playing and I'm always checking in with them (guess I need to find another person for that position). I normally set up several zoom's and mics as you have suggested (officiant, groom, music, podium).

I find myself limited during a reception because some facilities have a sound board only that we connect to, but the speakers are built into the ceilings. The rifle mic on the floor sounds great for the ceremony, but seems tricky for the party. Many times during speeches the person is smack in the middle of the dance floor and often times they are moving all over the place.

I'm guessing there is no better option to save the sound other than iZotope?


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Edward Neary
Re: iZotope RX? Waves? Audio Cleaner?
on Sep 16, 2011 at 1:11:57 pm

Thanks Michael, I'll give it a go and hope for the best.

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