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warning looooong post on Time code

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Martijn Scholte
warning looooong post on Time code
on Sep 4, 2011 at 11:27:53 pm

Today, 12:12 AM
i did create some timecoded Mp3 test files for the transcription people
waiting for feedback now :)

did also test with a PDW700 in freerun en Non drop frame works like a charm, too bad i learned later from the camera man that there is mandatory shooting in rec run

did notice that the prerun function on 744t in combination with the auto rec hold function does not work as expected
auto rec hold set at 2 sec
prerun set to 5

expect a start time of 3 sec, but i get start time of 0 sec weird asked about this at the SD tech support

thanks again for all your input and sharing of information

In Topic: shooting 1080i 59.94 (settings on my 744t?)

Yesterday, 05:34 PM
i read in the lockit manual the TC output = 1 Volts pp
i used my lockit as a camera substitute and it looks like it is working :)

the drop frame vs non drop frame is no longer an issue any more, my setup will be
744t ExtTC - Auto Record / Timecode hold off 2 sec. / Rec preroll time 5 sec

very nice feature that was pointed out to me by SD tech support is the "flashing frame rate" when not in the same mode as the camera, so if it flashes i simple change the drop frame setting

production requested MP3 files for transcribing so i will be recording in MP3 320

at most i will have 3 sources (boom and 2 lav's )
boom to track a
i will use my mixpre to input the 2 lavs an both output them to my track B on the 744t

the main audio will be recorded on the PDW 700 contected via AES/EBU
i can monitor boom and lav1 (using the return on my mixpre)
and monitor lav2 only direct from my mixer

i guess there is no way i can monitor 3 channels from the PDW 700



In Topic: shooting 1080i 59.94 (settings on my 744t?)

Yesterday, 04:48 PM

View PostJim Gilchrist, on 31 August 2011 - 07:05 PM, said:

I'd do non-drop unless specifically instructed by production to run drop frame. Be sure both the camera and your recorder are set the same, you'll be fine.

i read on page 36 in the firmware 2.66 manual

As a rough guideline, video for NTSC broadcast is drop-frame. Whether at drop or non-drop rates, make
certain all time code devices are at the same rate.

In Topic: 744T/HDX900 Auto-Record

03 September 2011 - 09:21 PM
shooting next week pdw 700 and SD744t

camera must be in rec-run mode (dont ask me why)

aes/ebu to cam
want to record backup on 744t with matching TC
planning on using the camera TC to my 744t TC in
pref on a wire (less prone to failure IMO)

any ideas especially PDW 700 menu wise

project details
1080 59,94 (drop or non drop not sure)
24 bit 48000

need to create time coded MP3 files for transcribing

exploring my options

In Topic: shooting 1080i 59.94 (settings on my 744t?)

03 September 2011 - 09:07 PM
hi all

read into it some more not happy camper anymore :(

wrote again to SD exelent tech support

i am thinking to go with the auto record method (camera guy wants to use rec run :( so no option to use my lockit)

using a wire or wireless connection (if wired is possible i like that is less likely to fail IMO and easy to use )

i am a little worried after reading this

"I had this same type of TC issues with the F35/744T combo last year on a movie. As it turns out the TC output of the Sony was in the area of 1 volt peak to peak and the guys at SD told me that the 744T (at the time) liked to see something in the area of 3 volts peak to peak for TC. "


the PDW 700 camera manual tells me:

Sampling frequency
TC OUT: BNC type
1.0 Vp-p, 75 !

does this mean i cannot use a simple wire connection?
and am forced to use a wirelessG3 to be able to get a higher audio level that will be loud enough to let the 744t see the incomming TC

from the pwd 700 manual i read there are 2 option on the TC out
"AUTO/GENE Selects the timecode signal output.

AUTO: Outputs the timecode generator output
during recording and outputs the timecode
reader output during playback.
GENE: Outputs the timecode generator output
during recording and playback.

i am thinking "auto" would be my best option? if the camera man playsback a clip on set my 744t records a new file with that tc
and not a new tc that will be non existing in picture

i mean if camera operator starts a playback while TC connected to my recorder the 744t will start to record a new file right?
no matter what above settings used

i have no more chance to test with the cam i do have a lockit that i can use tot test by simply using the lockit tc as a camera substitute but that does not really covers the output level thing i am worried about know

thanks so muchs again


need ENG sound get me :)

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Bouke Vahl
Re: warning looooong post on Time code
on Sep 6, 2011 at 10:41:51 am


Not in the mood to read the entire shebang, but a few things:

I've heard before about BWF wrong timestamps when using a 'preroll' function (record before hitting the button).
Be afraid, test.

AFAIK, SD can make Mp3's with timestamps (as TC) in the metadata.
But you can also do it afterwards on the files recorded.
See here:


smart tools for video pros

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