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Nicole Lobell
Info Please
on Apr 15, 2011 at 3:38:16 am

Hello! A video was shot at 23.98 and the audio was recorded at 30. As you can guess, the audio looses sync because of this. I have read there is a solution, an audio Pull UP, I just don't know how to execute it in Soundtrack Pro. Here is what I have discovered in trying to solve the problem.

1. I was not able to import the media via FCP Log & Transfer. They files were "Grayed Out". So I did a FILE/import. I discovered much later that the CODEC was h.264, not Apple Pro Res 422. I am not sure how or if it affected the sync problem.
2. The audio files are .WAV Sound Device only records .WAV or mpeg 3 files. The recorder was set up to record 30 fps Non Drop. This may or may not have been the issue either. It is still undetermined. Some audio guru's said it shouldn't matter because you cannot record TC on audio files.
3. I read, and read and searched and made phone calls to resolve the issue. There were frame rate pull downs or pull ups. There was a software I downloaded and used. I tried converting the sequence to match the frame rate of the audio. Nothing worked.
4. Then I converted the .WAV files to .AIFF - EUREKA!!!!

We know that FCP doesn't like mp3 files. But maybe it didn't like .wav files recorded at a different frame rate. I did nothing at all about changing the frame rate on the aiff files.
All I know is once I imported the .AIFF files and synced the audio with the video, it worked.

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David Jones
Re: Info Please
on Apr 15, 2011 at 3:39:36 pm

Hi Nicole,

You have a a couple different issues here:

1. h.264 (as I understand it) is not an editable codec and should be converted.
2. Timecode can certainly be recorded on an audio file. Just FYI: if the recorder has a dropframe/non-dropframe setting, it's recording timecode.
3. Use Compressor to up or down convert. It works wonderfully.
4. Converting the .WAV to AIFF was the right thing to do as, FCP doesn't like .WAV files.

Hope this helps,

Dave J

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Ty Ford
Re: Info Please
on Apr 16, 2011 at 2:58:41 pm


Hmm, about file based recorders and time code. I was under the impression that while the TC is stamped in the header of the file, the files don't have anything like continuous Linear Time Code.

Nicole, do you know about Wave Agent? It's a free software utility that (among other things) allows you to change the TC of files. Sound Devices designed it and it's a free download from their site.


Ty Ford

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