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Recording very Loud audio

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Craig Shepard
Recording very Loud audio
on Apr 23, 2010 at 4:29:41 pm

The problem is that I am trying to give local bands a chance to be scene and the places they are playing do not always have great equipment so I am stuck trying to get the best sound that I can get with what I have. So I am trying to come up with the best solution? Thanks so far for all the input


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Alan Lloyd
Re: Recording very Loud audio
on Apr 23, 2010 at 9:28:26 pm

In addition to what the other guys told you in the earlier thread, if you can, split your recording into "dual mono" and drop one track by at lest 3 DB. That will give you some room for error if peaks are very hot.

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John Fishback
Re: Recording very Loud audio
on Apr 24, 2010 at 6:57:11 pm

Also check to see if someone's recording the board sound. Then you could get better sound (hopefully) to match to your picture. You may have sync issues, but there are ways of cutting around those.


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Will Salley
Re: Recording very Loud audio
on Apr 25, 2010 at 7:07:09 am

If you must, try this technique.

Use a mic tree with two fairly good matched mics (I use AKG C3000s with the pad engaged) or a decent single-point stereo mic. Place that mic tree as close to the front of the band as you can. The perfect position will vary, but it is usually about ten feet out and about ten feet up from the front of stage. you may have to hang the mics. The next thing is to set up a dynamic mic behind the drummer and another, if possible, around the bass amp. Run all these sources into a small mixer and use high-isolation headphones to tweak a good mix. This will take some trial and error to get a good balance because even with good high-isolation headphones, you will "feel" the low end and not be able to get it right away. Record a sound check if possible. Send the output of the mixer to your camera or use a four-track recorder to do a second system recording. ( I use a Zoom H4N or a Sound Devices 744T, other will work but the 4 track recorders will give you post-mix capabilities).

It's a lot of work to set up but it's the best way to record a live show where you have no co-oporation from the band's sound engineer. You are still totally dependent on his ability to mix a decent show.

By the way, the C3000s are rated and a maximum SPL of 150db when the pad is engaged, That is crazy high levels for a large-diaphragm condenser.

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Jordan Wolf
Re: Recording very Loud audio
on Apr 29, 2010 at 2:42:47 am

"...I am stuck trying to get the best sound that I can get with what I have."

Okay...well, what do you have to work with? A 2-track recorder? A standalone 24-track recorder? We need to know what you've got to help.

Here's my take on it:

First, advance the show with the crew at the venue you'll be recording at. That way, you can at least let them know you're coming in to record the band.

Next, set up a pair of mics near either (a) FOH (the mix position) or (b) somewhere in the crowd, out-of-line with the mains and close enough to capture the stage sound.

Third, if you can, set up some audience mics to pick up the crowd noise and room tone (think natural reverb). Try putting placing the mics so that the main speakers are projecting into the null of the cardioid pattern of the mic.

It really is difficult to get a worthwhile mix if you're not concentrating on JUST mixing. I wish you luck and hope to hear updates from time-to-time.


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