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Spotify quality specification. SO THANKFUL FOR INPUT.

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Jesper Karlsson
Spotify quality specification. SO THANKFUL FOR INPUT.
on Apr 20, 2010 at 10:20:48 pm


I Sincerely hope you have a great day. I would try not to ruin it for you, but I have a question, and it has been driving me mad trying to answer it myself. Therefore, I turn to you, much more educated in the field then Iam. I would be so thankful for a little input on this one.

I am editing a movie, at this very moment. Final output will be on DVD and as streaming Vimeo presentation. Some of the songs witch I am using were not possible to get hold of on any other places then Spotify. I have been using Replay Music to rip them, this with great results. (I am mighty aware of the fact that I do not own the license to any of these song, but since my project is very modest and not commercial in any way I hope you can oversee this).

When previewing my edit, I cant stop thinking about that i MIGHT loose quality when recording from spotify. I understand that a certain loss is unavoidable, but I dont want to loose to much, and I dont trust my own ears.

My question to you is as following; How much (and in witch aspects) is my audio quality suffering when ripping songs from Spotify with Replay Music software, compared to say, using a downloaded mp3? The final project will be downmixed to a MPEG 2 for DVD production, and part of me suspect that the audio compression done here will make the difference between, say a regular bitrate mp3, and a spotify rip, insignificant. Am I right? I am definitely not looking for a superb audio result (otherwise I wouldn't touch either mp3s or Spotify rips). Just an ok audio experience.

I would be for ever thankful for some tips!

Have a great day!


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Peter Groom
Re: Spotify quality specification. SO THANKFUL FOR INPUT.
on Apr 21, 2010 at 9:19:14 am


1) Spotify quality is pretty good. i did an AB listening test in the studio against a purchased cd of a track and found prescious little difference audibly, although the level wasnt as hot.
If youre happy to even mention the word Mp3 which is by definition, a seriously compressed lossy format, the I d not be worrying about it.
BUT if you do record off the spotify stream, dont save it as an mp3 for heavens sake. Uncompressed wav or aiff!

2) Personally I can overook the copyright issues you mention, but I suspect that the artists/ record companies and their lawers may not be so understanding. Just be aware that if you infringe the copyright, and THEN get caught, youll have to pay whatever they ask for in fees, not a retail cost of the cd or license fee. I know this wont make you go legal, but you need to be aware.


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