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Pro Tools woes.

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Matt Sepeta
Pro Tools woes.
on Oct 16, 2009 at 8:21:44 pm

We are trying to set up a pro tools on one of our laptops. Have it installed fine, and everything is working great, but when we try to record, it will give us one of two error messages.

1.The operating system held off interruptions for too long. If this occurs frequently, try increasing the "H/W Buffer Size" in the playback engine panel. (-6086)
2. Problem detected with audio clock. Check that your clock source and sample rate are correct.

I increased the buffer size to max.
I verified that our clock source was internal.

We are running a MBox2 on Windows Vista AMD athalon quad, 2ghz, with service pack 1, 2GB, and 32 bit.

Thanks for any advice you can offer up!

Good Day

PS I am terribly inexperienced with audio, so another quick question. We shoot using some Canon consumer grade cameras with no xlr inputs. With our material, audio is key, so we have been recording plugged directly into my normal desktop computer with our countryman wired lav mics, getting superb audio. we are trying to mobilize, hence installing protools on the laptop.
I realize this is a very convoluted awy of doing things, but its what we have to work with.

Q: Is there a better way? Some sort of way to adapt the xlr plugs from our lavs and wire them to the 3.5mm mic jack on the camcorder? I had a friend borrow me a 3.5-to- bigger plug, then a xlr adapter, but I have a feeling that it is not working due to phantom power or whatnot.

Is there some sort of bare-bone basic mobile recording unit that will accept the xlr plugs so we can bypass lugging a laptop and mbox around?

Again, thanks for ANY and all help!

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Justin Huss
Re: Pro Tools woes.
on Oct 16, 2009 at 10:43:58 pm

First thing, you say you're running SP1... I think you mean Vista SP1, in which case I don't have any experience, I can just say that Pro Tools doesn't support Vista, even 32 bits. That's probably a shortcut I'm taking, and maybe somebody has a solution for running Pro Tools with Vista.

Now your lavs... If I were you I wouldn't record using a camera. Many cameras compress the audio and you don't want that. Unless your camera records in PCM, use a dedicated audio recorder. I think portable recorder. I wouldn't consider anything under Zoom H4n/Marantz PMD660.

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Ty Ford
Re: Pro Tools woes.
on Oct 17, 2009 at 11:58:30 am

Hello Matt and welcome back to the Cow Audio Forum.

If I were you, I'd try this question in the Digi Users Conference on their site. It could be a basic lack of compatibility between PTLE (Pro Tools LE) and the specific computer. Digi has documentation about which computers they have tested. Not all configs work well with PTLE.

If you have Countryman lavs with XLR connectors, they require Phantom Power. Your computer input does not provide that. The easiest way to do what you want to do is buy a mixer. Go from mic to mixer to camera. 1/8" Camcorder inputs vary widely. There's no way to know form what you present to know what your camcorder input wants to see as an input. More details, please.


Ty Ford

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Bob Kessler
Re: Pro Tools woes.
on Oct 19, 2009 at 5:01:28 pm

There are numerous documented issues running PT on Vista. As Ty said, go to the DUC on the Digi website and start digging; there are a few solutions out there.

In the field/on the set your best option is almost always a separate audio recorder. If that is not an option, and your camera does not have XLR inputs, you will have to get a mic pre-amp/mixer. Popular mixers that supply phantom power are the Beachtek DXA-6A and the juicedLink CX231.

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