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Audio and Color Correction

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Ben Northenor
Audio and Color Correction
on Jun 19, 2009 at 5:23:32 pm

I just got hired to correct 14 episodes of shows Color and Audio. I am freelancing out of my house and I don't know how much to charge the company. They are 14, 30 minute episodes with 2 30second commercials. I will be doing all the color correcting and audio correcting. So, how much should I charge per episode? Thanks.

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Peter Groom
Re: Audio and Color Correction
on Jun 20, 2009 at 5:40:04 pm

Do you mean youre doing the audio mix, as thats really the correction in sound terms.
In picture terms colour correction is done at the conform stage. Are you editing it or what?

NB Id suggest that for either tasks, you need significant amounts of calibtared kit. More than most have at home.

For colour correction youll need at least a grade 2 (pref grade 1 monitor) correctly set up and calibrated before you have a hope in hell of getting something "correct" so that it looks right on air.
And ofcourse some cc software, not to mention a whole stack of time and ability. Colour correction is a black art as Ive observed in 23 years in TV

For sound Im less clear on your role. Im a Tv and film dubbing mixer. Its at the mix in audio where correction takes place. Once its mixed, you cant correct the component parts, only the whole mix (which is completely wrong.) Or is it all bad?
But, youll need at least levels Metering up to 5.1 if its in surround. Software, and finishing speakers / monitors. Like picture cc, anything less will not be correct except on your speakers (which is not what the audience is listening on)
Again youll need a whole stack of time and a lifetimes experience (well at least a few years in pro audio)

Sorry to be negative but I think you may be on a hiding to nothing here, completely apart from what do you charge. Id be considering how much do I get sued for if i arse it up?

But of course you may well have all this kit and experience, in which case I take iit all back, and youll know exactly what the rates are in high end post.


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