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Monitoring 2 units of Linked-up 702T's

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Min Shen
Monitoring 2 units of Linked-up 702T's
on Dec 21, 2008 at 5:21:14 pm

Hi folks, I have this peculiar situation... we are trying to record 4 clean tracks of audio using 2 units of 702T. the set up and linking using the proprietary C.Link cable is fine and works well to sync up the timecode and so on.

The main issue I have now is - on location, is there anyway to monitor the 4 tracks of audio being recorded at the same time simultaneously using just 1 set of headphones?

I also have a 302, various cables (such as breakaway cables) and jack-adapters if that helps. I have emailed Sound Devices but it was inconclusive as they are not sure how to do this simply too. I don't mind making various cables to support this too. Just need guidance on what would work or if there's a simple way to do this after all.

I really hope someone can help me here.

Thanks a lot for reading this.

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Rodney Morris
Re: Monitoring 2 units of Linked-up 702T's
on Dec 22, 2008 at 2:42:26 pm

Good question Min. If SD has hard time with this one, then I'm not sure I'll be much help. But I'll offer a couple of suggestions.

If you're not using the TA3 outputs on the side of 702T, then you could take that output, which I'm assuming would be a TA3 to 2 XLR adapter, then use a simple "Y" XLR (2 female XLR to 1 male XLR) and plug that into channel 1 of the 302, line level of course. Repeat this for the other 702 and feed that into channel 2 of the 302. Now you can monitor both recorders at once. And you don't have to worry about impedance issues, which you would if you used the tape output of the 702T, which is an unbalanced output. Of course this all assumes that you have the TA3 output cables and that they aren't being used.

Let me know if this helps.


Freelance Sound Technician/Mixer

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Min Shen
Re: Monitoring 2 units of Linked-up 702T's
on Dec 22, 2008 at 4:18:28 pm

Hi Rodney,
thanks so much for your very clear advice & instructions! I kept getting frustrated at the impedance and stereo issues using direct output from the 702T's headphones jacks into a single channel on the 302.(using a mini-jack-to-male-XLR into the 302)

I don't have the gear with me now but I'll be sure to try it tomorrow. I already have TA3-to-male-XLR cables at hand & the 'Y' cables should be easy to solder. It definitely sounds like it should work!

BTW, I think SD were not able to give me a simple workaround because I also forgot to mention I have the TA3-to-male-XLR cables at hand.

Thanks again, Rodney!

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David Jones
Re: Monitoring 2 units of Linked-up 702T's
on Dec 22, 2008 at 4:20:45 pm

Hi Min-

Rodney's suggestion will probably be less expensive than mine, but, there's a device called the Splitmon3, made by Peter Engh, that allows you to send and monitor up to three set-ups at once. It was orginally designed for sending (and monitoring) audio to (and from) up to three cameras or decks.

You might be able to configure it for your set-up but, it's a little pricy...$560.00 just for the box (minus cables). It's small and portable and will fit in a mixing bag. I would also contact them about it, first, to see if it would even work for you.

Hopefully this helps :o)

Dave J

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