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New Edit suite - Recomended Audio Monitors?

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Daniel Stonehouse
New Edit suite - Recomended Audio Monitors?
on Jul 22, 2008 at 1:47:25 am

We're currently in the process of designing and specing a new edit suite. Whilst a fair proportion of our audio is mastered by engineers at sound houses, we still want to work with a clear, accurate audio signal. Wondering if anyone can recommend some good quality stereo audio monitors. Ideally we'd prefer not to have to invest in an amp as well. Audio will be coming out of a Decklink Extreme

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Rodney Morris
Re: New Edit suite - Recomended Audio Monitors?
on Jul 22, 2008 at 3:29:14 am

Here's my $0.02 worth.

First off, you are looking for an "active" monitoring system if you don't want to purchase a seperate amplifier. An active monitor has the amp built in. A passive monitor is just the speaker - no amp.

Secondly, if you ask 10 people which monitors to purchase, you're likely to get 10 different answers. It's similar to asking a group of runners what type of shoes a person should buy. It all comes down to personal preference and how the shoe fits the foot. Similarly, most folks determine which monitor to purchase based on how the speaker sounds to them. So it becomes a very subjective proposition.

We should know a few things first before we can give a good answer.

1. What's your budget?
2. How large is the room?
3. Is the reproduction of frequencies below 80Hz important to you?
4. Will you be creating final mixes on them? (You've given us an indication already)

You'll probably end up with a good set of nearfield monitors, but they are designed to provide very good imaging in a "sweet spot" which is the point where the listener will sit in which the audio will arrive simultaneously from both speakers. To find the sweet spot, you make an equilateral triangle with the speakers and the listener's head. If the monitors are spaced 5 feet apart and pointed diagonally towards the center, the listener's head should be roughly 5 feet from either monitor.

I have my personal faves such as Yamaha and Adam. Others swear by Genelec. Others will swear by "insert manufacturer of choice". The truth is a good audio for video mix can be created on average speakers. I used to use Yamaha NS-10s and Altec Lansing computer monitors to create very good broadcast quality mixes.

Freelance Sound Technician/Mixer

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Ty Ford
Re: New Edit suite - Recomended Audio Monitors?
on Jul 22, 2008 at 9:46:59 am

Hello Daniel and welcome to the Cow Audio Forum.

Rodney has given you some good advice. I will only add that I get the best results when the speakers are mounted at ear height from the position I'm usually going to be. They are angled in slightly so I'm on-axis with the tweeters.

Room placement is important. Putting speakers in a wall-wall or wall-ceiling corner accentuates the bass frequencies and is usually not a good idea. I enjoy de-spooking rooms. When done right, my clients can mix a lot more quickly and accurately.

I don't care if the speakers are active or passive. Each of my workstations has two sets of speakers; main and smaller. This allows me a second perspective. You need to have that to check your mixes.

In my favorites list are Myers HD-1, Genelec 1030a, the equivalent sized ADAM, K+K 0110, the 824 Mackie. For some of these, you may want a subwoofer. Since Rode took over Event, I expect there will be some changes in their line, but I haven't heard what they'll be offering. I'm headed out to Las Vegas this weekend to hear the new line.

The JBL LSRs have improved since they first came out, but I haven't had the chance to hear them other than at conventions. I like the idea that they have a room correction system, but I don't know how well it works.


Ty Ford

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