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Sanken CS-1 or AT 4053a for dialog

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andrea miller
Sanken CS-1 or AT 4053a for dialog
on Apr 23, 2008 at 5:57:00 pm


I need to choose between a CS 1 and an AT 4053a to record film dialog inside.

I've listened online to both the Sanken CS 1 and CS 3e and I'm not convinced, from what I've heard, that the CS 3e is better.
Maybe I'm wrong, but right now I have my eyes on the CS-1.

I'm aware than I do want a hypercardioid for inside, so that's why I'm considering the AT 4053a, but maybe the Sanken Cs 1 is better?

Which one is better and what am I going to gain to upgrade to the CS 3e if I choose to.
But could somebody tell me first if he/she thinks the CS 1 is better/more suited than the AT 4053 for dialog?
WHy is there a $400 difference between the CS 1 and the AT4053

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Sam Mallery
Re: Sanken CS-1 or AT 4053a for dialog
on Apr 2, 2009 at 5:38:05 pm

This reply is a year late, but what are you going to do???

The CS1 and 4053a are both good mics. For interior booming, I think you'd be better off with the 4053a. For working outdoors, you're going to be better off with the CS1 (providing that you have proper wind protection).

The CS3e is a great mic and it really shines in certain situations. It has excellent noise rejection, so in a shoot where you are booming in a noisy area, it's likely the finest microphone made for this job.

I imagine one of the reasons that the Sanken CS1 is more expensive than the Audio Technica 4053a (besides the fact that they're very different microphones) is that Sanken is a smaller company, and more of a niche company. Audio Technica is owned by a much larger corporation, and likely have means to keep costs down that a company like Sanken does not. This does not mean that Audio Technica isn't a great brand, they're equipment is always dependable.

So, I would say that ultimately you should have both of these mics. If you were to only buy one, I would get the 4053a. It's a little more versatile than the Sanken, and less expensive.

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