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Field production lav

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Larry Watts
Field production lav
on Jan 4, 2008 at 11:01:39 pm

We are ordering some new field production equipment for shooting in Israel.
We are considering the tram-50 lav (possibly a countryman b-6)with lectrosonics wireless units. We want to attach the tram semi permanently to the hosts "shooters vest".

I'd like to hear some ideas for mic placement for:
clean vocal
very little wind noise.
very little clothing rubbing noise.
very little cable rubbing noise.
quick removal of vest between locations.

Another note: Someone said DPA lavs are more susceptible to wind noise outdoors than the tram or countryman. Is this preference or reality?



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Ty Ford
Re: Field production lav
on Jan 5, 2008 at 2:06:43 pm

Hello Larry and welcome to the Cow Audio Forum,

Phew. I don't really have an answer for you. Each situation is so different. I end up looking at wardrobe for possible places and trying them to see how they do with cable rub. Using G tape to damp cable noise is always a good idea. I do that for noise and strain relief.

BTW, what are they shooting?

Wind noise is wind noise. I don't know that any exposed lav is much better than another. Some with a builtin screen like the Sanken COS11 maybe be better at deflecting wind, I just don't have any data.

I'd ask Larry at Lectro if he has any help for you.

I'm guessing by "permanent" you also don't want the mic to show.

Ricsonix has some neat solutions for mics that hide in plain sight.

Rycote stickies can also be useful.

Quick removal of vest? figure a way to fit the mic and transmitter into the vest.

Hmm, I think I just wrote an outline for my next Cow article.


Ty Ford

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Andrew Freiband
Re: Field production lav
on Jan 20, 2008 at 4:39:36 pm

I might go with Ty's suggestion about the Sankens. Since the element is upward-facing, I've found they're a little better than the Tram for clothing issues - and stuck between a couple pieces of moleskin (thanks Dr. Scholl's) they stay in place until you move them. I think a photog's vest with the transmitter in the film pouch in back is a good idea, too - that way the vest can come and go without running cables. From my own feature days I'd get wardrobe to tear apart the costumes and sew the cables right in, so the outfit itself was my mic, and it makes as much sense to do that for on-air host-type talent.

Have a good trip!

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Joshua Weiss
Re: Field production lav
on Feb 12, 2008 at 6:59:58 pm

Hey there,

I thought I would jump in on this one. I have done a few production trips to Israel. I use the B-6. This works great for hiding. The other posters are correct though that wind is wind. I found that the place of preference for me was to place the mic right on the center of the button up shirt by the collar. I put it on the bottom part so the side of the shirt that ends up on top kinda blocks the wind.

My bigger issue has been the wireless frequencies. I had some less expensive Azden mic packs. I also have the Shure SLX systems. You can get an adapter cable for just about any system for the B6. The mic kept losing its connection no matter how many different frequencies I tried. It caused so many problems for my overall production.

On that note, if anyone knows a place to find vacant frequencies for Israel - it would really help!


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