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Sound insulation

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Franco Bogino
Sound insulation
on Jun 26, 2007 at 3:01:22 pm


I'm a musician and I've just moved into a new flat, with wooden floors and poor sound insulation between neighbourung flats.

I don't think there is a huge amount I will be able to do about this, but anything to alleviate some of the problem will go a long way.

The problem is not so much noise coming in, but noise affecting my neighbours.

My music space is also my living space, so I can't cover the walls in foam etc, I can't go putting in bouble walls etc, and I don't want to cover the floors in carpet. I am looking for some ways to absorb mainly bass, as the design of the building seems to amplify it and it's really these frequencies that people most complain about.

I've been reading on the net and have come across something called HELMHOLTZ RESONATORS, which help to absorb bass frequencies and stop standing waves from developing.
Am I right in thinking that this could be something that would lessen the impact of my music making, particularly practicing my Djind and playing acoutic guitar? Or am i completely misguided.

Secondly, if these could help, can I build one that is aesthetically pleasing, or buy something that isn't extortionately expensive?

Any help on this and further suggestions will be extremely appreciated!


London based Avid/ FCP offline editor.
FCP Online.

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Rodney M
Re: Sound insulation
on Jun 26, 2007 at 11:57:30 pm

I'll add my $.02 worth, but remember I'm no acoustician. The lower frequencies that your neighbors are complaining about have no real troubles passing through the thin walls that seperate your flats. The higher frequencies are generally being absorbed or reflected by the construnction material of the walls. Low frequencies need very thick/dense walls to bounce off of. Bass tubes and traps, generally speaking, help control standing waves and nodes, which are bouncing off of the walls. While a bass trap may help absorb low frequencies in YOUR room, it won't be nearly as effective on the low frequencies that pass through your thin walls and into your neighbor's flats. I hope this makes sense. I'm not saying it wouldn't help at all, but it may be more time/effort/money than it's worth. You would need to place the tubes/traps in the corners of your room. I'm guessing it would be a couple hundred dollars at least for the materials, not to mention the measuring software/tools you would need to properly tune them.

What is a Djind?

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JC Boulay
Re: Sound insulation
on Jun 27, 2007 at 5:49:26 pm

Rodney is right. Bass traps affect only the bass that remains in your room. Whatever goes through walls is out of your control. You (or rather your neighbours) are SOL&JWF. Appart from all the things you listed as not options, there ain't much you can do.

And Rodney, i believe he meant "DJing", which would explain the strained neighbours.

JC Boulay
Audio Z
Montreal, Canada

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