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FCP Protools and Nuendo oh my..and a HVX200 P2 Cam

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FCP Protools and Nuendo oh my..and a HVX200 P2 Cam
on Nov 22, 2006 at 9:36:55 pm

Well first Hello and thanks for taking a look.

Well heres my issue. Im a Fresh audio engineer coming out of school about a year ago when i came into this project.We shot run and gun style and had no timecode just the old fashion slate. The reason for no timecode is that for all ive heard i cannot jam timecode into the hvx200 cam. Thus all the sync was done by hand for each edit that was passed back to me, got very old and very lenghty being that im the only guy whos doing the sync.
The editor if using FCP 5.0 HD and wants to work with at most a stereo signal so there went the idea of using omfs to transfer my already sync'd files and meaning i would resync it all to the new, im working on protools le with the dv toolkit. my ? is for the next time i would go out how do i sync my audio to the video and jam timecode all around so that i can use a program such as titan or virtual katy to auto conform all my audio files to each edit instead of weeks of sync all the cuts.
Thanks for any help and since it is turkey day tomm. do have a happy thanksgiving

Chris J Rovira

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Will Salley
Re: FCP Protools and Nuendo oh my..and a HVX200 P2 Cam
on Nov 24, 2006 at 5:20:53 am

Not quite sure of the question. Pro Tools, using DigiTranslator (included in DV Toolkit) will read OMFs written by FCP and Nuendo, stereo, mono, multitrack.

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Re: FCP Protools and Nuendo oh my..and a HVX200 P2 Cam
on Nov 27, 2006 at 5:23:14 pm

my question really is how to sync all the online and off line stuff as in our editor likes to work with mono or stereo so therefore a OMF wont work as the manual sync still has to be done once im sent back the project to all the dialog, thus making it a nightmare to redo any edits. now i found conform programs for pro-tools le, i.e. virtual katy, but i need time code to use it, with the HVX200 P2 theres is no way to jam time code only to sync it with other cameras and as well as make its own time code. so then meaning the time code on the audio now it native nuendo and FCP videos are its own time code.

So say i got 5 tracks i recorded into nuendo as our dat recorder, sent a stereo feed to the camera as a guide track.
The camera was is going to P2's then DL and a rotation of the p2's occurs, Now back in the studio you sync all the tracks and video by hand using a clap stick but heres where i get a bit lost, Now do i as the audio dude sync all the cuts out of nuendo by hand to the P2 footage which is now put into FCP, then there do i have a way to create or stamp the time code to it all or no? and also how to i "conform" it all when im handed back a edit since in FCP theres only one track and cant be used as the actual dialog track to the picture. now heres where i thought the likes of VK2 or Titan or Protools own Auto-Conformer(HD only of course) would come into play. but since there is no real time code that wont work correct. i just dont want to spend weeks of syncing since its way to time consuming.

hope i cleared up question and didn't make it more jumbled up

Chris J Rovira

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John Fishback
Re: FCP Protools and Nuendo oh my..and a HVX200 P2 Cam
on Dec 9, 2006 at 9:02:13 pm

I'm not sure I understand your problem. If you sync to video using sticks, if you start a scene's audio file at the point the sticks close, then in FCP, the editor lines up your audio to the same frame of the video where the sticks close. Then a Cmd-L will lock the video and audio for that scene together.

You should also check aut Automatic Duck. It will get omf files in and out of FCP.


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