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sennheiser g2 100 wireless

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Michael Mejido
sennheiser g2 100 wireless
on Apr 5, 2006 at 1:28:34 pm

after looking over everything, i'm strongly considering the sennhesier Evolution G2 100 series:

....however, as usual, i have a few questions.. keeping in mind i'm still quite the newb with all this schtuff..

1) is it wiser to get a microphone with a transmitter built-in, or is it better to get one of those snap-on transmitters? is there much difference in the quality?

2) in terms of calibrating/setting up a wireless system, i would be purchasing one on friday evening.. and then would need to use it saturday evening... are they very difficult to set up for a complete newbie like myself?

3) here's a *complete* newbie question. Even though right now i'd primarly be doing interviews with a hand-held microphone, i'd like to leave myself open for the possibility of sit down interviews, which of course would be better suited to a pair of lavs. What things do i need to look for to know that a pair of, say, sennheiser seperately bought lavs/transmitters would work with the receiver that i bought with a the wireless microphone? is it just channel sets? for example, if i buy a microphone/reciever with channel set B/626-662 MHz, i would also have to buy lav transmitters with the same channel set? I know this is a complete newbie question ;)

4) what accessories should i purchase in order to mount a reciever to my dvx100? the sony wireless systems from B&H seem to come with a Shoe-Mount Adapter, but the sennheisers don't. do any dvx100 owners know what i should purchase?

thanks everyone :)

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Will Salley
Re: sennheiser g2 100 wireless
on Apr 5, 2006 at 7:27:28 pm

I have seen better reception from an all-in-one handheld (mic&transmitter in one housing) than from the Snap-on units, however, the downside is this: If you ever have problems with the mic or transmitter, the other half of it becomes useless. I think that since the transmitter is built into the mic it has a better antenna position. The plug-on units have to use a less-than-ideal antenna postion. The sound quality is generally identical between the two types.

You should be able to setup your system and TEST it within a few minutes. A few pointers:

- Always use fresh batteries at the start of the day. Remove the used bats form the unit at the end of the day. I save my used batteries for other, less critical uses.
- Turn the system on and walk around and use it for a few hours. Make sure that no intermittent interference occurs on the channel(s) you intend to use. Doing this will also warm-up the system and check against faulty manufacturing.
- Keep the receiver away from large metal objects and high-voltage sources. This includes cables.
- Set levels and such from the camera backwards. In other words, set the camera inputs for standard "line levels", which in the case of the DVX100, are +4db. Adjust the input GAIN on the camera to unity. This will be a indicated by a "U" or sometimes it's at "7" - check the manual. Then adjust the level of the transmitter to indicate proper levels on the camera meters. This way, when you switch out the wireless for a wired mic, or just change mics, you will have a standard setting in which to reproduce later.

-Wireless systems are assigned 'frequency blocks' (the"B-block you referred to). Purchase the best frequency block for your area. See the link below.

Always buy additional receivers and transmitters in that block and you should have no problems.

- The DVX100 is so small that it's hard mount a receiver, but you can buy mounts for most models that can be attached to the hot-shoe or battery. Try TAI Audio or Location Sound.

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Michael Mejido
Re: sennheiser g2 100 wireless
on Apr 7, 2006 at 6:44:36 pm

again, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge :)

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