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Professional Voiceover Setup

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Robert Broussard
Professional Voiceover Setup
on Feb 23, 2006 at 7:55:04 am

I need to make some equipment decisions with regard to professional voice-over recording. I need the following:

a) Mic
b) Pre-amp
c) Compressor/Limiter ?
d) Stand
e) A/D Converter.

I bet the rich, warm, professional sounding voiceovers like you hear on a movie-trailer are done with certain equipment that has become the standard work-flow... Yes, I know that much of this is the "voice" yet, the proper equipment and the careful use of that gear is important as well.

The Mic. I was thinking that a large condenser Mic like a Neuman U87 or something like that would be one of the top mics...

The Pre-Amp. I was thinking that something like the Avalon 737 SP would be a great pre-amp for such a purpose and that the compression or limiting or both would be rather transparent.

Compressor/Limiter. If you chose not to use the Avalon, what out-board compressor/limiter would you choose? I would like one for mono use for VO and for singing and for certain instruments and I will also want a stereo one for archiving old video and old vinal to digital...

The Stand. What mic stand? Like all of the other equipment, I'm interedted in the gold-standard... the proven products with a following...

The A/D Converter. I know that Apogee is suppose to have the very best converters such as the Rosetta 200. Have you used one of these?


So, what voiceover work-flow have you utilized or witnessed, and the results sounded AMAZING? I think you know what I'm talking about--what combo seemed to make it happen???

Also, what recording device? Direct to camcorder or via USB/FW bus to my Mac? What device and why?

Thanks in advance,


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David Jones
Re: Professional Voiceover Setup
on Feb 25, 2006 at 2:55:28 am

Something along the line of the U87 you suggested into the Vt737sp via Mogami cable should work fine.
I tend to run the mic pre flat, no EQ no compression when doing VO work, and add the compressor in the computer as a plug-in, where I can change the amount of compression and or EQ at will.
Run the Avalon into a Benchmark AD1 converter and you have a killer front end.
Pick what ever stand you find sturdy enough and fits your needs. Don't forget to get a music stand for your copy. And a pop filter as well.

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