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Complex shoot comming up... need help.

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Harry Pallenberg
Complex shoot comming up... need help.
on Jan 10, 2006 at 5:43:06 pm

Ok - I'm working on a LOW BUDGET doc film. We've basically spent all the porduction $ we had.. now there is 1 more shoot! And it's a hard one. There will be about 15-20 ladies at a cocktail party. At least 10 of them are critical to the show... maybe more.

There will be 3 or 4 cameras (Sony HDV cameras all with 2 XLR) to cover the event (1 might be stationary in the extra bedroom as a 'confessional' booth - so sound is easy for that one). I want to lav all the main ladies - I want to let them be free, I REALLY want them to forget we are there... ie if 2 of the sneak away to have a smoke the camera will not follow them, just zoom - hopefully they will forget the lavs and let it rip!

So if I have 3 cams I can hook up 6 lavs that way... what is the best / cheapest option to get the other ladies laved? Can I get a TimeCode sync to the cameras? That would be nice! Seems like I shoudl maybe bite the bullet and hire a pro sound guy... any ideas how much a guy with 15 wireless lavs get for a day rate in Vegas?

I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out... will post more if/when I think of it, till then thanks in advance for any help.


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David Jones
Re: Complex shoot comming up... need help.
on Jan 11, 2006 at 2:34:53 pm

Well Harry, this is another fine mess you have got yourself into! :)

The 6 mics into the 3 cameras would be hell to edit unless they were to only follow the ladies with their mics.

Might I suggest something along these lines since budget is an issue, yet the audio is extremely important for a shoot like this....

Sound Guy with computer as main recorder, using multi-input audio interface.
Something like a Mac G4 with a MOTU 828mkII would do for this budget project.
Recording software could be Gallery's Metacorder, or again because of the budget, BoomRecorder.
This would give you a clean iso of each mic.
I would also probable use a set mic for room tone and overall ambiance, along the lines of an Oktava mk012 again because of budget.
A mixed feed could then be sent via radio back to each camera if budget allows, and if not use the on camera mics to give you a form of sound to sync to.
The tricky part comes when it's time to sync three cameras and audio, if your budget won't allow for timecode and smart slate.
I don't know how long the event is, but if you were to slate once at the beginning and roll non-stop then your sync in post should be fairly painless.

Good Luck!

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