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Logic vs. Reason

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Jon W.
Logic vs. Reason
on Apr 24, 2005 at 11:14:39 pm

I'm finally taking the plunge into sound design and had a few questions about the pro's and cons of Logic and Reason. First off, I'm a motion graphics/FCP editor and have decided to try Soundtrack Pro... if it handles my basic editing/effects work then I'll stick w/ it, otherwise Protools LE w/ mbox will be my main editing tool. Now I'm looking for a music creation tool... I thought Reason would be all that I needed but after hearing a lot of the project files people put up on the propellerhead's website, the compositions always sound "too midi" and not "real" enough.

I read a few articles about BT who just says he uses Logic religiously for his albums and film scores (i.e. Monster score) and have to say I'm pretty blown away by his work. So my questions are:
1) Can Reason produce a realistic sound quality? Or does it mainly excel for techno music?
2) Is Logic a comparable synth tool compared to Reason? (it seems Logic is more loop based)
3) Any other pro's and cons?

I'd like to move past the loop based Acid/Garage Band sound into something more complex so any help is greatly appreciated.

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David Jones
Re: Logic vs. Reason
on Apr 27, 2005 at 2:00:56 pm

If you are using FCP to edit with, and are wanting to do sound design work for your video projects,
you should be aware that using ProTools LE will require you to buy extra software "Digitranslater" at $449.00 to be able to import OMF files from FCP.
And for complete timecode and video support like ProTools used to have out of the box before they started raping their customers,
it will cost you an extra $995.00 for DV Toolkit software.
If 5.1 is a priority for you, also be aware that ProTools LE does not support surround sound.
And from what I've heard, at this time there is a bug in Logic that prevents the proper use of OMF imports.
I'm not a Reason user, but as far as I know Reason does not support OMF file import,
or lock to video unless you use it through ReWire in another app.

We still use Satan, oops, I mean ProTools, for down and dirty Radio spots because of it's ease of use.
But for composition work, sound design, ADR, surround sound and such,
we use MOTU's Digital Performer.
For instrumentation we have many plugins that we use depending on the sound we are after,
from Spectrasonics Atmosphere to reFX's Vanguard and everything in between.
We also use plugin samplers like Kontakt and Mach 5 with a huge library of orchestral sounds.

Programs like Digital Performer are very powerful, but are also on the complicated side,
and require a little higher learning curve.

Good Luck with your quest!

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